New Beginnings; Evan and Equipment Glitches

Welcome to Nisrockk’s Blog

Hello. 🙂 With new beginnings begin a fresh page to start.

Hi. You can call me Nisrockk and this will be my new blog.
I used to have a guild blog called but since i’ve disbanned the guild, i shall continue blogging here.

What i plan for this blog:
Updates on MapleSEA
News regarding MapleStory
BowMaster Guide
General Guides

Note: I shall not be posting about the Evan patches until it is released.

However, the current countdown for evan is…

15 days till Evan is here

In MapleSEA there have been several cases where Gloves have available slots of more than 7. These items sold in the FM apparently cannot be scrolled and neither can they be equipped.

Also, in the Maple Trading System (MTS), items have been hammered more than twice, creating imbalanced equipments.

Screenshots taken from Iamck.

Talk about cheating. Hope maplers will be aware of such things. Maybe Asiasoft will rollback equipments which are upgraded more than 12 times. Who knows.


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An average MapleStory South-East Asia (MapleSEA) player since 2005. Bringing you the latest news and updates. View all posts by Nisrockk

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