Adolescent Onyx Dragon Horn

Yet another quest from Cassandra popped up; Searching for Remnants of the Dragon Master 3. This time she’s asking for an Adolescent Onyx Dragon Horn.

This is exactly the same process as the past two quests which is it can be obtained from any monster except those in Time Temple, Singapore and Malaysia.

This time it took me about 5 minutes or more to hunt it.

Note: The rewards are all 660 EXP maybe because it’s a daily quest where at the end, you will recieve ONE of the Dragon Equipments.

Hmm… maybe i should bulk all the quests into one post…

Anyway, I came across something on GMS regarding bans and i wished MapleSEA would do the same.

They listed out IGNs on their News section out to the public. Most of it looks like hacker-type IGNs. E.g. “sztgyhvgujb” but there are a few that are non hacker-type IGNs. At least by doing this, people would be more mindful of what they do in-game. Just a thought. 🙂


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