Onyx Dragon Footprint and Evan

Today is the 30th Birthday of Pacman. Now i know most of you remember this classic game along with games such as Tetris and the more advanced Super Mario Bros. Let us marvel at how much gaming has evolved today. 😀

Back on track..

The 4th Quest from Cassandra, Searching for Remnants of the Dragon Master 4 requires you to find an Onyx Dragon Footprint.

Again, this Quest Item is easily found from any monster.
Make sure you take note that monsters from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Time Temple will not drop it.

Also, i will continue to update Cassandra’s Pre Evan Patch Quests here instead of creating more and more posts. Decided not to. 😛

Days till Evan:

These are the things in which we can expect for Evan in which the events are similar to what we had for Aran such as the ice melting event where you can trade-in the melted ice for a random Item, we can obtain a  new equipment; the Dragon Glasses, 2x EXP events,  and more.

If the upcoming patch is anything like in MapleGlobal, i’m pretty excited. 😀

Ya’ll remember Bartol, yes?

Well, to those who don’t, Bartol is an NPC who used to give out Free Warp Cards every 24 hours to players who completed his quest, Bartol’s Request.

The Warp Card transfers you from Nautilus to Omega Sector, free of charge and the travel time is instant. This was mostly used by players who want to travel to Ludibrium quickly (E.g. to kill Papulatus).

Apparently, that privilege was actually a bug. Yep. A bug. Looks like MapleSEA will not be allowing us Maplers to recieve the Warp Card anymore. Orbis ship, here we come!


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