Onyx Dragon Scale and Footprint


I left my laptop on for 34 hours. I hope it doesn’t die on me. This is the effect on maplers who wish to fully utilise the Triple Trio Event such as yours truly. 😛

Onto more serious business. The 5th quest from Cassandra was released today; Searching for Remnants of the Dragon Master 5. She demanded for an Onyx Dragon Scale in order to make Dragon Equipments. She was also rather impatient about it.

Searching for Remnants of the Dragon Master 6. Onyx Dragon Footprint.
Darker in colour.

See how impatient she is?

More on Evan Pay-to-Play, Countdown and Vicious Hammer Glitch Report…

All of you may be excited to be playing Evan but do take note that Evan in Global MS is Pay-to-play. Meaning that some of the skills have to be bought from the Cash Shop. E.g. Magic Guard which is oh so important for ANY mage class.

Although they said that eventually they will remove the Skillbooks from the Cash Shop and allow monsters to drop them, it will still cost some maplers real money/NX/@cash to train up an Evan. Especially those who wish to train fast.

Evan Pay-to-play

Days till Evan:

In the blink of an eye it shall arrive on our Personal Computers.

Also, Forum Moderator of PlayPark Forums for MapleSEA, VitaminC has requested that any and all items which are glitched be reported with Screenshots.

Screenshots and details may be posted here.

Any and all reports will ensure MapleSEA to have a standard of fairness and equality. 🙂


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