A Grim Beginning to June: Missing Evan Skills

Missing skill in Evan Characters

Dear Maplers,

We have receive feedback from Maplers in Delphinus/Eridanus World regarding the loss of skills and skill points of their Evan Character after today’s Server Check. The Game Developer has been informed and is currently looking into this issue.

Should there be any Evan Character from other world facing this same issue, please do not hesitate to send in enquiry to iBox to inform us.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

MapleSEA Administrator

A wonderful beginning for the month of June.

This announcement was made by MapleSEA admins regarding the missing Evan skills for the worlds of Delphinus/Eridanus. This happened after the server check and cash shop maintenance on 1st of June 2010 at 9:30am till 12:00pm.

I’m a member of Delphinus and what i discovered was that all my skills were reset to zero, “0” and what skills i could add was 6 points into the Beginner skills; Recovery, Three Snails and Nimble Feet.

I hope the Maple Team sorts this out ASAP and hopefully no items/mesos are lost.


Temporary Block of affected Evan Characters in Delphinus & Eridanus

Dear Maplers,

Due the bug occured in Delphinus & Eridanus, Evan Characters who are affected by this bug in this world will be temporary blocked to proceed for investigation and rectification on 1st June 2010, 1630hrs until further notice.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.
MapleSEA Administrator

Critical Bug in Evan Charcters for Delphinus & Eridanus World

Dear Maplers,

Due to the critical bug in the game system, we are unable to recover skill points and quest information for Evan Class in the Delphinus and Eridanus World at this moment. However, in order not to cause any further game disruption to your gaming experience while the Game Developer, Nexon, is looking into this matter, a reasonable amount of Skill Points will be added into your affected Evan Character. All affected Evan Class Characters who were blocked previously will be unblocked and we will continue to work closely with the developers to recover your loss.

After all these issues are resolved, we will be giving out a token of appreciation to those affected players to thank you for your kind patience about this matter.

Once there are further updates, we will update them on the website immediately.

MapleSEA Administrator

Maplers of Delphinus and Eridanus may have to re-do all quests once Nexon is done “fixing” the bug. We’ll watch and see what they do next.


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