Halloween in Maple!

First off, i’d like to say that there’s a lot of stuff since i last posted. New quests on Victoria Island for newbs, new NPCS popping up everywhere, more quests from the Phantom Forest, Crimsonwood Keep and the Halloween Event in this new patch, v0.96.

imageYes. Its the time of the year again. Ghouls and goblins come out to play. Costumes and candy making the day. But on maple, we have Events.

The event i’d like to touch on is the Haunted House 2 event.

Previously, well, last year, the event focussed more on Sophilia, the Baron’s daughter.

But this year, it focuses more on the Baron and the Steward (the butler). After following through the quests, you are asked to defeat Olivia, a huge boss and defeat 3 of her images which are different in difficulty.

You will need 3 people minimum in a party to enter the arena. Dolls will be dropped by her and you will need to collect 20 of them. Once you have, talk to the Steward again and he will reward you with Olivia’s Chair. 
Here’s a Guide taken from HS.

On another note, once you’re in-game you will notice small glowing red coins dropping at random when you kill monsters.  These coins are called Dark Tokens.

Once you’ve collected a certain amount of Dark Tokens, head over to the Haunted Mansion and talk to Milady to exchange your tokens for items.

imageimage-“Trick or treat!”

Please take note that Dark Tokens are dropped by ALL MONSTERS in MapleStory.

What is the quickest way to get to the Haunted Mansion? Go to the Mirror of Dimension, click on Crimsonwood Keep, walk to your left to the NPC and enter the red glowy thing next to the NPC. And Voila. You are at the Haunted Mansion enterance.

Happy Halloween maplers!


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