Phantom Forest. Not a Joke.

When the words “Phantom” and “Forest” are put together, you think that you’re strong enough to take the new maps on but you’d soon find out that Phantom Forest, is no joke.

First of, the map is a labyrinth. A crazy labyrinth. If you’re not used to memorising maps or things, this map will drive you crazy. The monsters are generally defeatable by people level 100 and above but watch out for the sinister, deceivingly-act-cute monster called, Bigfoot.

MS Monster Bigfoot.png Rather cute isn’t it? Read on.

As soon as you see this monster, you’d definitely want to attempt to kill it or even just brush your shoulder against it. But before you know it, it’d ninja-sneak-attack you (it walks really slow though) and  BOOM! YOU DEAD.

Located at maps called “Crossroads”, this seemingly harmless monster can do up to 10,000 damage to you. Yes, i did indeed say it. 10,000 damage. One kiss from this and my BM just saw its tombstone come crashing down on himself. Bye bye 5%.

Of course you can avoid meeting this monster altogether but it does take some courage and a lot of risk in order to reach the map to finish the Phantom Forest quests – I assume thats why you’d even bother entering Phantom Forest.

You have been warned!

On a lighter note, do give MapleSeaEpi2 a visit and follow its twitter website. Updates are given regularly (more regular than myself) to keep you updated – but you can always follow me. *wink wink*

Also, do indeed follow their facebook page  so that they can innitiate a “Gold Box” event. I personally wished they’d give us a more interesting event, but thats just my two cents.



*ahem* That’s all for now.


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