Time for Protection

Yes, it is exactly as it is stated above.

MapleSEA or Maplestory in general have been, since its launch, unsafe. Many accounts have been hacked, numerous complaints to the relevant companies but yet, security is barely satisfactory. It’s like placing toothpicks under a wooden shack for support.


So here today, i’m going to rant a little on internet security.


1. Download Anti-Viruses. The two recommended anti-viruses are F-Secure and Kaspersky. AVG free-version is NOT a reliable anti-virus scan. It does NOT detect all worms, trojans and viruses in general to completely protect your PC when you need it to. Try the free-trials for a feel of the programme. If you like it, download it.

2. Download a Registry Cleaner. CC Cleaner and TweakNow Reg Cleaner is recommended. They get rid of various path erros on the PC to make sure your PC runs smoothly. These programmes are free to download.

3. DO NOT CLICK on links you aren’t sure about. How many times has this been repeated over the decade? And yet people don’t listen.

What should you do? Hover your cursor over the link name and google it to see whether it is legitimate. There is no room for errors. This is the most common mistake people make. They think that since they have anti-viruses and what not, they’re safe. They’re wrong.

Clicking on random dodgy websites allow spyware to penetrate and latch onto your system. Its like having a leech stuck onto your skin. It recieves all information of the activities that you’re performing on the PC from start to end and they can definitely track your passwords.

4. Scan your PC, virus and registry before you shut down your computer. Preferably before you start MapleStory, but even I’m too anxious to play Maplestory that i’d rather run the scans after I’m done. Which is OK if you do it after every session of internet use before the PC is shut down.

5. The rest, you should already be aware of.

– no sharing passwords
– no easy guessed passwords
(for a comprehensive guide on passwords, click HERE)
– utilise the soft-keyboard option when logging in – yes, its tedious. but its safe. very safe.
– don’t do stupid things that will compromise your Maple accounts’ safety

There is always the possibility that you’ll be hacked anyway. It’s like there’s always possibility of harm coming to you as soon as you step out of your house doors.

But prevention is better than cure. To take safety precautions is povital in this digital world, this modern world really. Look both ways before crossing the street and its better to be safe than sorry.

Disclaimer: All products mentioned are based on my own opinion and none of the above products should be taken solely as “the best products” with the assumption that other products are not as good. I am merely a Mapler looking out for my fellow comrades.

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An average MapleStory South-East Asia (MapleSEA) player since 2005. Bringing you the latest news and updates. View all posts by Nisrockk

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