HP Washing and Other Changes

HP washing

Here is some info on the ‘new’ HP washing:

MP reduction per AP reset:
Beginners: –
Warriors: 4
Mage: ?
Thieves and Bowmen: 12
Pirate: 16

Mages are a bit difficult to find out, but not really important for HP washing I guess….

HP increasement per AP added:
Beginners: 8
Warriors: 20
Mage: 6
Evan: 12
BattleMage: 20
Thieves and Bowmen: 16
Pirates: 18

Minimum MP formulas for each job:

Job Formula
Beginners 10*level – 5
Warrior First Job 4*Level + 55
Fighter/Crusader/Hero 4*level +55
Page/WK/Paladin/Spearman/DK/DrK 4*level +155
Mage First Job 22*level – 1
All Adventurer Mages 22*level + 449
Bowman First Job 14*level – 15
All Adventurer Bowmen 14*level + 135
Thief First Job 14*level -15
Assassin/Hermit/NL/Bandit/CB/Shadower 14*level +135
Dual Blades (all jobs) 14*level + 355
Pirate First Job 18*level – 55
All Adventurer Pirates 18*level + 95
Cygnus Same as Adventurers. Dawn Warrior’s use Fighter’s formula
Arans 4*level +55
Evans (1st growth) 35*level – 125
Evans (all other growths) 35*level – 25
Battle Mages (2nd-4th job) 22*level + 143 (1st job is 22*level + 43)
Wild Hunters (2nd-4th job) 14*level + 123 (1st job is 14*level + 23)
Mechanics (2nd-4th job) 18*level + 95 (1st job is 18*level – 55)

-Note: Some jobs can go below 0 MP (Bowman/Thief/Pirate’s first jobs), but you can only get AP points out of MP at level 20, so this should be no problem.

Other Changes


• There are no seperate masteries for for example Sword or Axe anymore. The Fighter gets a mastery and a booster that is for both the weapons. This is with all jobs that use 2 or more weapons.
• There’s a new resolution available: 1024*768. A sort of widescreen. Example of 800×600 and the new 1024×768 resolution.
• Everyone gets a free total SP reset.
• New max hit: 999k, snipe hits 500k on bosses.
• New maxHP and maxMP: 99,999. This is a pretty major change and isn’t out in KMS yet.
• Changes in family system: The bonuses that used to give 2x, now only give 1.2x D=.
• The quests you need to do to get skills in 4th job are removed. You are now awarded those skills immediatly at the Job Advancement.


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