Dual Blade after the Big Bang Patch

Dual Blade intro.png

Okay. Most of you have heard and read of the release of Dual Blade in MapleSEA and the Big Bang Patch which was released in KMS and also will be released in GMS (by Christmas 2010). You must also have heard that Dual Blades will be nerfed terribly.

You begin to wonder, is this true?

Are they nerfed that badly?

Should i spend a lot of money buying the equipments before they’re out?

Is it worth it?

Are you going to listen to other people without reading my post?

Well i’m here to aid you in your decision. The Dual Blade skills which are nerfed are mostly for 1st and 2nd job skills where as 3rd and 4th job skills have been mostly boosted.

Read on to see which skills i’m talking about.

Colour Key: Nerf / Boost / Uncertain

Pre Big Bang:- Fatal Blow – 30mp 8x 180% (1440%)
Post Big Bang: – Fatal Blow – 30mp 8x 110% (880%)

Pre Big Bang:- Slash Storm – 24mp 6 enemies 2x 160% (320%)
Post Big Bang: – Slash Storm – 24mp 6 enemies 2x 230% (520%)

Pre Big Bang:- Tornado  Spin – 30mp 8 enemies 250%
Post Big Bang: – Tornado Spin – 40mp 8 enemies 250%

Pre Big Bang:- Flashbang – 100mp 15 enemies 50% damage 70% chance decrease accuracy for 20s.
Post Big Bang: – Flashbang – 90mp 160%, 80% chance to decrease accuracy, 20s

Pre Big Bang:- Bloody Storm– 42mp 8 enemies 2x 280% (560%)
Post Big Bang: – Bloody Storm – 44mp 8 enemies, 2x 420% (840%)

Pre Big Bang:- Mirror Image – 200mp 180s 60%
Post Big Bang: – Mirror Image – 68mp 180s 70%

Pre Big Bang:- Upper Stab – 40mp 245%, 70% A DMG , 6 enemies
Post Big Bang: – Upper Stab – 40mp 2x 250%, 70% A DM, 6 enemies (500%)

Pre Big Bang:- Flying Assaulter – 36mp 8 enemies 2x 400%, 7% stun 6s (800%)
Post Big Bang: – Flying Assaulter – 44mp enemies 2x 420%, 7% stun 6s (840%)

Pre Big Bang:- Final  Cut – 300mp 1500%, 8 enemies, 65% max str 60s, 100s cool, 350% range
Post Big Bang: – Final Cut – 400mp 2000%, 8 enemies, dmg increase with 100% for 44s, 90s cool. +25% FB, SS, TS, BS, US, FA

Pre Big Bang:- Monster Bomb – 230mp 1200% 15 enemies 3s, 30s cool, 220% range
Post Big Bang:  – Monster Bomb – 40mp 1380%, 4s cool

Pre Big Bang:- Sudden Raid – 980mp 600% 15 enemies
Post Big Bang:- Sudden Raid – 300mp 1500%, 10s of 200%/1s (200% damage per second [ 2000% damage in 10s) 30s cool

Pre Big Bang:- Chains of Hell- 75mp 12x 250% (3000%)
Post Big Bang: – Chains of Hell – 80mp 10x 285%, 20% crit (2850%)

Pre Big Bang:- Mirrored Target – 250mp, 90s 15k hp
Post Big Bang: – Mirrored Target – 135mp 90 12k hp (passive 25% dodge, 60% physical/magical def.)

Pre Big Bang:- Thorns – 400mp, 35% CR 120s, crit dmg 250%, 400% range
Post Big Bang: – Thorns – 350mp 20% critical, 30% min critical damage 160s

[New Skill] Shadow Resistance – 10% hp, 20% resistance to elements.

To see the changes of other jobs, click HERE.

All i can say is what this picture depicts. They’re coming. It is inevitable. And it will bring a new adventure to your MapleStory as well as an infinite load of fun, excitement with a whole new playing style.

To invest now or not to invest now, to create a character later or not to create a character is entirely in your hands. The facts are out. It’s just you now.



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9 responses to “Dual Blade after the Big Bang Patch

  • zxBlader

    Wow, Nice.
    I thought I wasted my time training my Db and should train on Dit’s,
    Well the truth is Out 😀

  • Newbie

    er . . . may i ask ~ after big bang patch ~ izit dual blade skill book are available to hunt fromm monster or boss ?

  • Nisrock

    Hey Nisrock, if i am gonna create a dual blade after big bang, do i still have to wash hp??

    lets say 10% hp from shadow resistance, 10% from czak helm, 10% from cht neck and 10% rex earring. Will it be sufficient for most major bosses??

    • Nisrockk

      To tank almost any boss, being a melee, you’ll need at least 26,000HP to be safe. (This is without Threaten) 26k HP to tank Pink Bean and Chaos Horntail touch damages. For other bosses, at least 16,000HP would be fine. With Shadow Resistance, CZHelm, CHTNeck and Rex Earring, you will gain about 40% extra HP. So thats 1.4% additional HP.

      Lets say you want 26,000HP. We’re reaching for the stars here.

      26,000 HP / 1.4 = 18,571 HP (base)

      But you have to remember that when you enter such bossing, you will have a DK. So that adds an additional 60% HP. So again, we devide base HP with 1.6%.

      18,571 HP / 1.6 = 11,607HP (base) – You still need to HP wash. Why?

      Currently my Dual Blade only has about 9,000HP (base. Including rings, medal, katara HP and some +HP equipments. -not %HP equipments) And i washed my DB about – let me check… 141 times. I double washed 80 times and single washed 41 times. So, in my opinion, you’ll still have to HP wash if you want to fight Pink Bean and Chaos Horntail.

      But for other bosses, 16,000HP would be sufficient.

      16,000 HP / 1.4 (your % equips) = 11,428 HP.

      But with HB, you’ll need:

      11,428 HP / 1.6 (60% HP increase from HB) = 7,142HP (base). You would not need to HP wash unless you plan to go bossing at an earlier level. More HP wouldnt hurt, IMO. But i suggest you calculate the rate of increase of HP per level, (From level e.g. 20-21 and see how much you gain, (lets say 40HP).

      What you do is you take your Desired HP – [40HP x (desired level – current level)] and you’ll get the balance. That balance is what you’ll need from HP washing or more HP equipments.

      I hope i’ve answered your question.

  • ivan

    which monster will drop slash storm skill book?

  • ElpChidori

    Just a little question. Is it wiser to make a Dual Blade before or after the Big Bang Update, i’m still slightly confused about the changes. Thanks in advance

    • Nisrockk

      Its wiser to make a Dual Blade before the BBP in terms of skills. In terms of ease of leveling up/training, after BBP. The best time to make a DB however is whenever you feel like it but the time when people will bandwagon DB is after the Chaos Patch. Thats where DB’s will get 2 new skills, revamp of avoid and revamp of certain damage calculations.

      I suggest you create DB whenever you feel like it but DB after BBP in terms of bossing, DB’s DPS drops significantly but will be buffed up once Chaos Patch hits.

      I hope i’ve answered your question.

      PS: Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been out for the past 2 days.

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