Dual Blade, Potential & Enhancement Scroll System

The Calm Before the Storm



Everything’s quiet in MapleSEA. Everyone’s (well, almost everyone) waiting for the release of Dual Blades.



Quietly preparing for their release. Buying items, equipments, scrolls, @cash.
I have a feeling that Potential Scrolls will come out along with this coming Dual Blade patch.

My reasoning would be because GMS already released Dual Blade and the Potential Scroll system and are about to release the first of three Big Bang patches by Christmas this year. So if we do not come up with the Potential Scroll system, we would be lagging behind. But thats just my opinion.

What are Potential Scrolls?

You have all heard about it by now. There are various guides that tell you what it is and how it works.
So i’ll just give you a brief summary about it.

You may be feeling sick about it.
You may hate the idea of potential scrolls.
You might quit Maplestory because of it.

You are not alone.
I’ve had such thoughts too.

There’s an upside to all this. Potential scrolls can render the rich people poor and heartbroken. Their equipments can be destroyed and they can run out of money to buy @cash. Of course the gap between players will widen, but its nothing to worry about.  In fact, its a good system to enable us players to go further with our characters.

Potential Scroll System

Potential Scroll – 70% success (dropped by any monster)

Advanced Potential Scroll – 90% success (dropped by Zakum, Horned Tail and Pink Bean)
but in GMS, it was found to be dropped by any monster too.

What these scrolls do is allow you to discover “hidden potentials” of your equipment.
For example, you have an Axe. This axe could have hidden powers. Potential scroll allows your axe to have hidden powers instead of being a normal axe. You have a 70% / 90% of your Axe to have hidden powers by using the Potential and Advanced Potential scroll.

If you succeed, your Axe will become “unidentified” meaning your Axe has powers but we dont know what it is. In order to find that out, we use a Magnifying Glass This item can be bought from NPCs in-game with mesos. Once you’ve used the Magniflying Glass, your Axe will reveal its powers.

This could be the stats before your Axe was Potentialed:

Category: Axe
Attack Speed:  Fast
Weapon Attack: 20

And this could be your Axe after you succeeded in Potentialing it and you have used the Magnifying glass on it:

Category: Axe
Weapon Speed: Fast
Weapon Attack: 20
10% Weapon Attack
When attacking bosses there will be an increase of 30% damage


(Potentials add extra stats below your original weapon stats.)

What is that (Unique) thing?
Its called Item Rating.

Common item: Transparent Border (ie. everything you Maker, or already exists)
Unidentified item: Red border (item drops after patch, or potential scrolled items)
Rare item: Blue border
Epic item: Purple border
Unique item: Yellow border

Lvl 1 to 30 equipments: Rare = 1%, Epic = 2%, Unique = 3%
Lvl 31 to 70 equipments: Rare = 2%, Epic = 4%, Unique = 6%
Lvl 71 equipments or higher: Rare = 3%, Epic = 6%, Unique = 9%

The % increase (it can be DEX, LUK, STR, INT, WA, MA, all stats) depends on your item ranking as the above.

As shown, the Axe has now what is called a 2-lined potential. Meaning that below, there are two lines of added “hidden powers”. The minimum is 2 lines. The maximum is 3-lines. This is not easy to obtain.


Potential Equipment Stats

Skills added to the equipment for use of the mapler through Potential Scrolls

Hats – Stat %, Self-Mystic Door(the skill), Chance of showing an Emotion when hit, Stats(static numerical stats), Accuracy, Avoidability, W.DEF, M.DEF %, Chance of recovering HP/MP), Ignore monster’s attack/damage.

Face accessory – Stat %, Accuracy, Avoidability, W.DEF, M.DEF %, Recover HP/MP per second, Max HP/MP

Eye accessory – Stat %, Accuracy, Avoidability, W.DEF, M.DEF %, Max HP/MP

Tops/Bottoms/Overalls – Stat %, Self-Hyper Body(the skill, but for any class), Chance of Invincibility when hit, +1 ~2 of a skill, Chance of recovering HP/MP, W.DEF, M.DEF, Avoidablility, Accuracy %, Chance of Autosteal, +% of a potion, Reduction of a curse’s duration (Seal, slow, etc.), Max HP/MP

Shoes – Stat %, Self-Haste(the skill, but for all classes), W.DEF, M.DEF, Avoidability, Accuracy %, Chance of avoiding an attack, Max HP/MP

Gloves – Stat %, Self-Sharp Eyes(the skill, but for all classes), W.DEF, M.DEF, Avoidability, Accuracy %, Chance of recovering HP/MP when attacking, +% of a potion, Max HP/MP, Chance of Autosteal

Cape – Stat %, W.DEF, M. DEF, Chance of avoiding an attack, Max HP/MP, +1~2 of all skills

Earrings – Stat %, W.DEF, M.DEF, Avoidability, Accuracy %, Max HP/MP

Belt and Rings – Stat %, W.DEF, M.DEF, Avoidability, Accuracy %, Max HP/MP

Weapons – Stat %, W.ATT, M.ATT, Total W.ATT %, Total damage %, M.ATT %, Ignore monster’s W.DEF/M.DEF at a certain percentage, 20%~30% bonus damage when attacking a boss monster, Chance to recover HP/MP, All skills +1~2, Max HP/MP, Critical damage, Chance to freeze/poison/seal/slow/blind monster


If you are unsatisfied with the stats which was revealed by the Magnifying Glass, you can go to the Cash Shop and purchase a Miracle Cube . This allows you to convert your equipment back to “Unidentified”. This means that your equipment has a chance to be Rare, Epic or Unique with 2-lined or 3-lined stats. This however will cost a lot of money. So be wary.

Extra Info:

5 Miracle Cube Fragments = 1 Potential Scroll (70%)
Miracle Cube Fragments are recieved when you use a Miracle Cube on an item.

You no longer would have to rely on Bowmen for SE or Dark Knights for HB anymore. If you’re lucky, your equipments can provide that for you. However, the skills do not have the same benefits as their original ones. These Potentialed skills are nerfed. Example:

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Potential scrolls allow maplers to have the possibility of obtaining 2,000DEX or 1500STR for your character because these Potentialed equipments add % Stat to your total stat. Like 6% DEX on top of your total DEX of 1000DEX. Means you ultimately have a grand total of 1060 DEX. And thats from just 1 equipment. Some equipments of you are lucky will have 2 to 3 lines of 6% DEX. So thats 18% dex. It will grand total your DEX to 1180 DEX.

Enhancement System
Equip Enhancement Scroll 100%;
This scroll in particular drops only from bosses. It’s success rate starts off at 100%, but the chance of success it has decreases depending on the number of stars the item it’s scrolling has. This scroll can only be applied to items with 0 scrolling slots left. You can still use this scroll on items with 0 slots even if they have 2 Vicious Hammer slots available. This scroll is trade able. 

Equip Enhancement Scroll 80%;
This scroll can drop from any monster. It does the exact same thing as the 100% version, except has a smaller chance of succeeding. This scroll is also trade able.

Enhancement scrolls are scrolls that act exactly like a chaos scrolls except for a few things: 

What these scrolls do;
Can add an entirely new stat to an item
Can increase the amount of stats an item has
Can be used on any piece of equipment (except medals and shoulders)
Chances to work decrease depending on the amount of stars your item has
Blows up your item at 100% rate if it fails

What these scrolls do not do;
Take away item slots
Take away stats

If you use the 80% scrolls. Then its 80%, 70%, 60%,… as you succeed more and more.
The success will be shown as “Stars” on the equipments.

C.Enhancement FAQ

Q: Where do these scrolls drop from?
A: As far as I know, the 100% enhancement scrolls drop only from bosses. The 80% scrolls drop from all monsters. What are the exact drop rate of these scrolls? Not sure.

Q: Are the stats gained using these scrolls based on the item rank like the Potential System?
A: No, nothing will increase the amount of stats gained or the chance of success of this scroll.

Q: What stats can this scroll grant?
A: It can increase the amount of stats already on your gear, or add an entirely new stat to your gear.

An endless possibility is added with Potential Scrolls and Enhancement Scroll System.

Good or Bad, it’s personal preference.
I say change is always good.



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