Chaos Zakum and Horntail

Chaos is in the air.

MapleSEA has announced the coming of Chaos Zakum and Horntail as i’ve explained earlier. It will be released on the 24th of November and 15th December respectively. Two separate patches for two separate  awesome bosses. What am i talking about?

That’s right. Chaos Zakum.

It allows you to obtain a Helmet better than Scarlion hat which gives
you 10% HP and 10% MP more!


On another note, on 15th of December (i’ll be in Australia during
this patch. :/  ) Chaos Horntail will be released. A pendant much better than the current Horntail will be available to maplers with added 10% of HP and MP.


This give you a total of a 20% HP % MP boost! Its about 1/3 of getting buffed by Hyper Body. If you get HBed thats a total of…

80% HP Boost!

(i love Mike Sawatzky. lol cant get enough of him)

I’m excited. Are you?

Full details HERE. Check it out.


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