MapleSEA Patch V1.00

A new patch will be undergoing between 7am and 12pm on the 20th of January. Most of us maplers thought V1.00 would be HobPQ or the Enhancement scrolls but it’s another patch.

This patch fixes disconnection issues faced by maplers during boss fight due to memory leakage.

On another note, 3 events have been launched today.

The ‘Happy New Year Event’


This event can be activated by talking to the Maple Admin. She will ask you to collect the letters ‘HAPPYNEWYEAR’ and she will reward you with a Devil Scroll.


Look for Chunji (Kerning City) or Genie (Ludibrium) to exchange the Devil Scroll with a box. Then, to open the box, give Mr. Pickall a visit and he shall open the box and give you the treasures inside.


Dong Dong Chiang

It can be accessed by talking to an NPC called Yuan Bao Fo. You will have to pay 10,000 Mesos to enter. Once Dong Dong Chiang is defeated, Maple Equipments may drop from it.


GaGa Fireworks

A notification will be announced in the Chat saying that GaGa will shoot up fireworks soon.

You should head to Cassandra, and talk to her. She will transport you to the Moon where the event will be held.  In the map, aliens will spawn and you will have to kill them to obtain a Fairy’s Pendant Coupon.

This coupon, when exchanged with the bunny, will give you a Fairy’s Pendant which will last for 6 hours. You can only hold one of these coupons at one time. The aliens also drop scrolls and potions. I myself obtained a Scroll for Shoes for Jump 60% from this event.


More updates coming soon.



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