MSEA: Patch V1.01 Hooray!

It’s finally here. After a month since the V1.00 patch (otherwise known as the filler patch), V1.01 is here with huge and exciting events!

Let’s kick it off with the essentials.

Hob King Party Quest!


The Resurrection of the Rex, the Hoblin King!

Rex, an ancient Hoblin King once that terror the Maple World, was sealed away in an icy tomb with the combined force of heroic maplers of the past in El Nath.
Rumor has it that the seal holding him is weakening, and it;s up to YOU, the brave one to stop him from being freed to terrorize our dear Maple World again!

Participate in this fun and rewarding party quest with an interesting storyline!

Look for Shammo in El Nath now!

Party Quest Requirements
• Level 75 or above to participate for this party quest.
• Must be in a party of 3 to 6.
• Party leader must completed Shammos’ prerequisite quests before they are allowed to start party quest.

List of Prerequisite Quests
Shammos’s Awakening (Level 60 and above)
Remnants of Memory (Level 60 and above)
Shammos’s Regained Memory (Level 65 and above)
Hoblin King (Level 65 and above)
Recollection (Level 65 and above)
Ominous Sign (Level 70 and above)
Confirming the Seal (Level 70 and above)
Sign of the Resurrection (Level 75 and above)
Robeira’s Proposal (Level 75 and above)

Bonus and Optional Quests
Evidence of the Seal (Level 75 and above)
Preparing for the Extreme (Level 75 and above)
Supplying Leather Clothes (Level 75 and above)
Hoblin Weapon (Level 75 and above)
Secret to Improving Concentration (Level 75 and above)
Arec’s Lost Dagger (Level 75 and above)

What are the possible rewards if I stop the resurrection of the Hoblin King?


You might be able to get a permanent Hyena Mount or one of Rex’s treasured earrings!

Here’s a video of the PQ once the pre-quests are completed.
Only the party leader is required to complete all pre-requisite quests.


Not only that, they have finally, attempted to address the compatibility issue for us Maplers.

[Client Update] OS Compatibility and Minimum Requirements

This patch will contains new features to enhance compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows 7 Operating Systems.

If Windows Vista and Windows 7 users are still experiencing frequent disconnection or graphic error problems during boss expeditions, please kindly update your:

• DirectX to the latest version suitable for your operating system.
• Video and Audio drivers to the latest version

Minimum Requirements
With the update of MapleStory Client in this patch, the minimum specs requirements has changed. Please kindly refer to the following table.

These are the updates that caught my eye straight away. Other than that, they brought back the Golden Temple, which is where you can get the Ravana helmet.

And they also brought back the Triple-Tri-Trio Event – who doesn’t love extra EXP?

Equip Enhancement System on 07/03/2011

Once again, hopes are high for avid scrollers with the launch of Equip Enhancement Scroll on 7th March 2011!

You no longer have to worry about not able to further upgrade your fully upgraded (with no more upgrade slots) set of equipment with Enhancement Scrolls!


Please CLICK HERE to read all about Equip Enhancement System!


I think pet lovers will go gaga for this new addition..

The Pet Skunk has arrived in MapleSEA!

I kid you not. The fact about Auto-skill for this creature is still uncertain as whether or not AS decides to implement it for our system but hey, let’s welcome it to MapleSEA. 😀 This pet will be available for purchase in the Cash Shop.


Several issues will also be addressed by AS.

Bug Fixed
• Decent HyperBody Skill without equipping required equipment glitch 

• Map change for Parlor
• Samurai Knight’s jump ability removed

So to those who are glitching the equipment, you can’t do it anymore. You also can’t sell “glitch EQ services” to people. Shame on you for doing it in the first place. Abusing the system. Tsk tsk.
Forumers of MSEA are speculating the change for Parlor (otherwise known as Ahma Map) whether they’ll remove the racks or so called “sniping spots”. This would indeed turn Ahma Map unleechable and a map for those who can pin Ahma successfully.
Forumers of MSEA are also saying that Samurai/Sam will be tougher to pin now, since it can no longer jump. Meaning that they cannot aggravate the mini-boss to jump up to one of the platforms in order to pin it. Sam will no longer jump, hence, pinning it down will be slightly challenging.

There you have it folks.

This is the last patch before the Big Bang –aclaimed by one of our GM. The next patch will be the Big Bang Patch which would be an awesome thing to happen in MapleSEA.

For more information on the Patch V1.01 in full, click HERE.

The patch will be running from 7AM~4PM on the 23rd of February 2011.
Hope everyone does something productive in the mean time. They might extend the patch time, so keep yourself occupied. Go do your homework, go for a jog, read a book or blog like i am. Keeping you updated. 🙂

[EDIT] I must say after the update, the OS compatibility fix has much improved Maplestory for me since i’m using Windows 7. I have not tried Zakum or Horned Tail yet but i will soon. Papulatus so far on high graphics is smooth sailing. Before this, i had to only use the lowest graphics available on the game and even so, when i was killing Papulatus, i would lag ever so slightly and if i party with people i would disconnect. This time around, i was in a party of 5 people, and i did not dc. The 12-hour wait paid off.

Kudos to you MapleSEA. I’m very happy with this patch.

On a different note, those who had HB-glitched before this patch retained their HB skill in their skill slot.

The Hob Goblin PQ boss also drops Mirror Image and Flying Assaulter skillbooks for Dual Blades who do not want to spend @Cash on these skillbooks in the Cash Shop.



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