MSEA: I smell Big Bang a-coming

Just a few days ago, AsiasoftSEA launched a new interactive page for the MapleSEA official website. A few days ago it was on Dual Blade which was launched 4 months ago. It’s about time they changed it.

This time, the homepage is titled, MapleSEA Museum 2011.


It showcases what MapleSEA had experienced since Beta up until now.

There’s even a little timeline below the images.

This was what the fm looked liked before the current Free Market was created. It brings back memories since i played Maplestory since 2005. Give the link a view-over and reminisce the good old days before it all changes. Here’s the quote from the admins:

We encourage all of you to enjoy the current classic MapleSEA is right now! Enjoy the last few upcoming rewarding events specially cater for ALL Maplers!

Take lots of screen shots and video (A new contest is coming up), go to your favorite hunting spot, run through all the party quests, and make the most of what MapleSEA is right now!

All the changes coming in MapleSEA will make the game even better, anyone playing MapleSEA NOW will be able to see and experience much more that new Maplers never will!

MapleSEA you know now will be entirely DIFFERENT very soon!

I smell Big Bang a-coming. When it does come to MapleSEA it would probably be after the availability of the Golden Temple  cash items image which is dated to end on the 4th of April 2011. Which means the following Wednesday could be the day that MSEA get the Big Bang patch or the week after.

Who knows whats on the developers’ minds. We maplers will just have to wait and see.

Hint Logo

I will give you, my readers a hint though. Leveling after Big Bang will be tougher acclaimed by GMS players. This is because, all 2X EXP cards will be removed.and 2X EXP Family Buffs will be reduced to 1.2X EXP. Hence to those who normally train on 2x EXP and especially 4X EXP, it will definitely be more difficult for you.

After the Big Bang, to those who normally go for bossing, it will no longer be your main source of EXP anymore. The EXP “nerf” on bosses will cause you to not want to boss and nudge you to grind instead.

Levels 1-120 would be as easy as pie to train but from levels 120 onwards, it will be comparably tougher level up than before the Big Bang. Training would be easier though as your damage range increases but the HP of monsters also increases but with slightly worse EXP to HP ratio.

Further reading: Maplestory: Is it harder or easier to level up after Big Bang?

So here’s my advice. Train now, before the Big Bang. Train as hard and as much as you can especially since MapleSEA is giving out 2x EXP events from the 12 – 20th of March 2011. I’m trying to level up as fast as i can as well because i know, after the Big Bang, it wont be as easy anymore for those who are level 120 and above.



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One response to “MSEA: I smell Big Bang a-coming

  • Nisrockk

    PS: I doubt they’d release the content during off peek season. (School holidays for children and teachers)

    It would probably be inplemented in May/June. Still 2 months away.

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