The Big Bang patch has been confirmed to be on the 18th of May 2011 announced by a GMD in-game and on the facebook page of MapleSEA.

The countdown starts now. 😀

MapleSEA is organising a donation drive for the earthquake/tsunami that happened in Japan. Let’s help them out. 2k@cash is not a lot for those of you who buy @cash. Yes, you may think “moneysoft” but by advertising such a donation drive with the name of the Japanese Red Cross Society it is an infringement of rights if they don’t donate proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross Society and would be using that oraganisations’ name in vain. I myself am going to donate and i’ll post up the SS soon.

Here’s the message from the AS Admins:

Dear Maplers,

The recent unfortunate incidents happened in Japan have caused the whole world’s attention and concern on the people of Japan, as well as the situation the citizens of Japan are facing.

The world has been ignited with a mass outpouring of sympathy and support for Japan, and we Maplers can now be a part of this global expression of love to help rally some donations to support the tsunami and earthquake relief efforts. Let us all lend a helping hand for these victims.

From 18th March 2011, 1500hrs till 15th April 2011, 2359 hrs (+8 GMT)ALL amount received from the purchase of the Heart-Shaped Chocolate image from MapleSEA Cash Shop will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society, in aid of their rescue efforts for those affected by the tragic disasters in Japan.

Donation Drive Duration

Start of Campaign:18th March 2011, 1500hrs (+8 GMT)

End of Campaign:15th April 2011, 2359hrs (+8 GMT)



By purchasing the Heart-Shaped Chocolate which retails for 2,000 Maple Cash in the MapleSEA Cash Shop, you will be making a small but yet significant donation to the Japanese Red Cross Society.
The more hearts you buy, the bigger your heart will be!

• Purchase them for yourself or gift them to your loved ones and do your part for the victims of earthquake and tsunami!

• When in possession in your inventory, a Small Heart will appear above your head which will last for 45 days upon purchased.

• When you have 10 Heart-Shaped Chocolates in your inventory, a Big Heart will appear above your head!

• Every character can hold a maximum of 96 Heart-Shaped Chocolates under Cash Inventory.

So let’s not just pray for Japan, but take this chance to help her and her people! Your kind and generous support will go a very long way. Thank you!

– MapleSEA Administrator

Source HERE.

Here’s a reply by one of the MapleSEA Forum Admins regarding the legitimacy of this donation drive:

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They made public announcements on it in website and facebook.
ALL amount received from the purchase will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

After checking with the admins, they really meant ALL.

I hope everyone will try to view this donation drive in a more positive mindset.
Some of you may be still in doubt on this. But what we are taking about now is a donation campaign to raise funds for Japan earthquake reliefs funds.

This isn’t some small issue that anyone should make a joke about or use it as a “plan” to earn money.

There are many ways that everyone can contribute to in any ways that you preferred.

Here are some local organizations that you can approach them directly.

Singapore Red Cross
World Vision Singapore

The intention of the Maple Admins:

  • Allow an alternative and simple way for Maplers who are not familiar on how to approach the relevant organizations to make their donation.
  • Allow an alternative and simple way for Maplers who are afraid to make their 1st move in donating.

Lots of us can comment that there are other direct ways to make your donation to relevant organizations. But how many are really doing it?

I hope everyone reading my comment can really think about are you really helping?


Source HERE.


So guys, donate if you can. We are Asians and we should give aid to our fellow Asians regardless of your race. If you use the word lah in your sentences, to me, you’re SEAsian.
Facing a natural disaster is not a simple feat. There are many obstacles to overcome and with this small donation (Just $2 SGD) it can make a difference to the living conditions of one Japanese citizen.

Lets help them.

Yep. Those two tiny hearts above our heads. We each bought 1 heart shaped chocolate. At least we’re doing our part. What about you?


Don’t forget next week is Earth Hour (26th March 2011) where you should switch off your lights from 8:30pm – 9:30pm wherever you’re living at. Its just ONE HOUR. Show that you care about the earth by saving some energy and watch which of your neighbours don’t.

More updates soon.

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