MapleSEA: Phishing site warning and Maintenance

A message from MapleSEA.Asiasoft to its players:


Dear Maplers,

It has come to our attention that there are phishing websites recently trying to acquire players’ login and password information.

What is phishing?
Phishing is a way of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames and passwords.

Fake Websites are often the common practice of a “phishing” scheme.
Fake Websites can be very convincing. They often use copies of official artwork and logos.

Official MapleSEA Website


Phony Website


Here are some ways to detect whether you’ve been directed to a fake site.

• How did you get here? Did you follow an email or chat link to get to the site?
If you did, be caution.

• Check the URL: All official Asiasoft sites or related MapleSEA sites use the URL pattern “http://[gamename]“ or ““
If a site doesn’t end as stated above, it’s not an official Website.

• No matter what situation, Official Sites will NEVER ASK for your PASSWORD of your passport or game accounts.
No matter in what situation, you should not disclose or share your passwords to anyone, be it to buddies, websites or any other ways.

• Look for blind links and broken or dead end pages:
Look around for ways to get back to the home page or to find other information. If there are no other links on the page and no way to get to any other locations on the site, be suspicious.

• Be careful at “fan” Websites: Most fan Websites are not just what they appear to be.
Some are fronts for scammers. Never use the same name, password and email you use for your passport or game account for a fan site account.

The key here is to always stop and think.

Protect yourself, game safely and happy Mapling!

– Maple Administrator

Server Maintenance and Game Client Patch Includes

• HackShield Updates
• Enhanced In-game hacking preventions

I’m quite tired today, as you can see by my awesome Copy&Paste skills. I apologize for my laziness. Long hours at uni just exhausts me entirely. But you guys should be aware of this phishing scam as to not be one of their victims.

You can see these people spamming in the Free Market using a whole lot of grammatically incorrect sentences. Dont believe them. Dont enter their website. Just dont. I mean you can tell that they’re really sketchy from the start. Since when is MapleSEA generous enough to give In-Game items to its players?

Try to take necessary precautions when dealing with anything online.
Check the URLs especially.

Happy Mapling.

PS: Its weird that they address these scammers but not the parties who sell mesos. Something for you to think about.  🙂


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