MapleSEA: Big Bang Part I

What is Big Bang?

Forget everything that you know about MapleStory!
Big Bang is all set to rock the MapleSEA world with its revolutionary changes.

Like the birth of a new star, this will be an update that changes almost everything!
There will be huge changes: maps, monsters, quests, skills, EXP equation, damage equation, job balancing, resolution, UI, EVERYTHING will be different!

What’s New in Big Bang 1?


  • New maps, new hunting grounds and relocated dungeons will connected nearer to major towns for ease travel between zones!
  • Monster locations and levels will be adjusted to open the excitement to a wider range of players and faster character growth!
  • Redesigned classic towns for easier navigable with major NPCs located nearby together for ease of access.


A Brand New Attractive User Interface! Simpler, neater, and more elegant!

  • New resolution option! 1024 by 768 resolution is now available in addition to the old 800 by 600resolution.
  • Refreshing interface modifications. HP/MP/EXP and other menus colors are easier to identify and more eye-catching.
    Informational windows such as the inventory, equip and skill windows will have a sleeker look.


Revision of Skills for all Classes

  • New skills will be added and unused old skills will be removed due to their inefficiency.
  • A new damage formula with critical hits will make it more fun than ever to challenge monsters.

Custom-made Quests to Help You Level Up

Love Party Quest (PQ)? Check out how we are going to enhance your party quests experiences!

  • Quests will be re-balanced and the rewards will be modified to enhance character growth.
  • With changes done to the map, and adjustments done to the monster levels, level requirements for quests will be adjusted as well.
  • Easier PQ! You can now use the Dimensional Mirror in each town to enter into the PQ entrance map directly.
  • The number of participants and required level will be changed for some of the existing PQs.
  • It is now easier to see the PQ information in the new PQ tab of the quest window.
  • PQ-goers now get to choose their individual rewards when the boss mob is eliminated in PQ.

Do not worry Maplers, if the quest was in progress before the Big Bang update and if the required level changes after the update. Your quest will revert back to new status from in progress status.
After the update, you’ll be able to replay the quests that have changes to the required level despite having completed them before.


Once again, character leveling EXP will be re-balance since 2009 with the launch of Episode 3!
Overall level-up EXPs will be decreased for all classes, making leveling up easier and faster.

Levels 10 to 30 : 54% decrease in EXP required!image 

Levels 31 to 70 : 70% overall decrease in EXP required!


Levels 71 to 120 : 56% overall decrease in EXP required!


Levels 121 to 200 : 29% overall decrease in EXP required!

This was taken from the MapleSEA official website. By the looks of it, Big Bang Part I will not have the Resistance Class put in yet. Resistance Class includes, Wild Hunter, Battle Mage and Mechanic.

They are however releasing the information in stages so the next bulk of information will be announced on the 6th of April.

More soon.


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