MapleSEA: Big Bang Sneak Peek 1

There are a couple of changes that will be done one Big Bang arrives in MapleSEA.

1. 2x EXP Coupons will be removed


All 2X EXP Coupons in the cash shop will be removed.

One of the main features of Big Bang is an improved experience leveling curve.
With leveling speed ranging from 2 to 4 times faster, 2X EXP coupons are no longer an essential part of the leveling experience.
All related EXP coupons will be removed from Cash Shop before arrival of Big Bang.

Remove from Cash Shop Permanently on 11th May 2011

• EXP X2 Coupon (22-02) (Available for 7 days)
• EXP X2 Coupon (02-06) (Available for 7 days)
• EXP X2 Coupon (06-10) (Available for 7 days)
• EXP X2 Coupon (10-14) (Available for 7 days)
• EXP X2 Coupon (14-18) (Available for 7 days)
• EXP X2 Coupon (18-22) (Available for 7 days)
• Premium Service Coupon (Available for 7 days)

Remove Permanently from Cash Shop on 18th May 2011
• 1 Day Special Coupon (Available for 1 day)
• Party Bonus Coupon (Available for 1 day)

2. Removal of Pet Equipments

Items like Meso Magnet, Item Pouch, Auto HP/MP Pouch, Wing Boots, Binoculars and Magic Scales will be removed from the system and the cash shop and replaced with Permanent Pet Skills. Certain new pets come with some of the permanent pet skills. Permanent Pet Skills can be purchased at the Cash Shop.

And i just bought my meso magnet and item pouch on Tuesday before their announcement. =.=

What are the new Pet Skills you can expect to see?

image Item Pick-up Skill
Adds the item pick-up skill to a pet. Available to pets that can only pick up Mesos.

image HP Charge Skill
Adds to automatic potion-feeding skill to the pet. Available to all pets that do not have this option.

image Expand Range Skill
Use this scroll to expand the pet’s moving range by 3 times.Only available to pets that have automatic pick-up skills, cannot be used on top of each other.

image Automatic Pick-Up Skill
A skill that enables pets to pick up items and mesos within the area without the character having to move. Available to pets with Mesos pick-up, item pick-up skills.

image (+) Pick up Leftover Item & Meso Skills
Adds the skill that enables pets to pick up mesos and items that have been dropped for more than 30 seconds, thus rendering it as leftovers. Available to pets that have Meso pick-up skills as well as item pick-up skills.

image Unpickable Item Skill
The skill that makes pet not picking up any selected item.

image MP Potion Recharge Skill
The skill that automatically recharges one’s MP provided you have set the option up in the system option.

3. Fishing Lagoon Revamp

Fishing Lagoon System will be totally changed with a new and much more rewarding fishing system!
We will update everyone with more information as soon as we can in the next update!

All related cash items related to current version of Fishing Lagoon will also be remove from the Cash Shop before arrival of Big Bang.

Remove from Cash Shop Permanently on 20th April 2011

• Fishing Rod (Available for 30 days)
• V.I.P Fishing Rod (Available for 30 days)
• Delicious Bait Can (Available for 30 days)

Not very excited or affected by this, as most of us maplers dont go to the Fishing Lagoon except for the time when MapleSEA gave us free fishing rods and free bait.

That’s all for now.
I’ve to go for my bike lesson.


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