MapleSEA: Bunny Disguise and ASGF 2011

It’s back! The AsiaSoft Game Festival 2011! 

The event highlights the release of the Big Bang for MapleSEA as well as its 6th year annivarsary!

Kudos to MapleSEA for going 6 years strong.
Details have not been specified but they have released the gist of it.

I see promotions and prizes at the bottom left of the website. I wonder what they may be.

During the month of April and May theres is the Easter event which has been hyped up by everyone. Where you can recieve the awesome Bunny Disguise!

Click more for a special treat.

For the Easter Bunny quest, the one that is most sought out by Maplers is regarding the Golden Egg. Simply hunt the Golden Egg from any monster (Excluding World Tour and the Time Temple) and  talk to the Mad Bunny.

Mad Bunny
(Located at Henesys near Bruno or below towards the right of the MapleSEA Admin)

The Rewards for the Golden Egg is random EXP and a chance to obtain a Bunny Disguise.

Level 8 to 29 : Random EXP or a chance to get Bunny Disguise I
Level 30 to 69 : Random EXP or a chance to get Bunny Disguise II
Level 70 or above : Random EXP or a chance to get Bunny Disguise III

image         image


Special Treat:

Glitching the Bunny Disguise. (Yes, i know how to do it. I figured it out.)

For you, my readers I shall tell you how to Glitch the Bunny Disguise.

1. Have a Golden Egg in your inventory
2. Talk to Mad Bunny and click on “Golden Egg”
3. Accept the quest
4. Complete the quest (read below. very important.)
5. Make sure you click OK until you can see that you have gained EXP while still having the chatbox open. (next step is crucial)
6.  Click “End Chat” instead of OK once you recieve the EXP displayed in your chat log.

And voila! You don’t have to wait 2 hours to exchange for another Golden Egg.

Knowledge is meant to be shared. So i share this discovery i made to you.

Happy Mapling.


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