MSEA: UGDGlyptic BBP and SP Resets

Full SP Resets will have high chances of being given through the Hot Time event such as in ThaiMS.

Here’s the SS and conversation with UGDGlyptic:



Hopefully they’ll give out the Full SP Resets though the Cash Shop such as the Free Gachapon Ticket event which we all received last month.

T-Minus 6 hours till the BBP Patch starts at 7:00AM which is said to end at 5:00PM (+8GMT) on the 18th of May 2011.
Let’s all try to be patient and do something productive while we wait, eh?




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2 responses to “MSEA: UGDGlyptic BBP and SP Resets

  • DracoRukario

    Nice. And congrats on getting real live pics of a GM. 😛

    • Nisrockk

      Thanks 🙂

      He mega’ed at like around midnight and he was at the FM. lol. So popped into say ‘Hi’ and asked a few questions before the other people came in. Not many people were on at the time as it was the night before Big Bang, a weekday (kids have already gone to bed) and it was midnight.

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