MSEA: Singapore Servers Down

It seems to me that all Singapore server players cannot log in at all and are stuck on this page at 11AM today but Izar world is unaffected. There were no notifications from Asiasoft or any answers from them from 11AM until a few minutes ago, 1:50PM.

Dear Maplers,

We are aware on the login problems encountered by Maplers when trying to login to Aquila to Delphinus / Eridanus Worlds due to some technical issues and we are currently looking into it.

We will proceed to update the news when the issue is resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

– MapleSEA Administrator

Source: MapleSEA Website

And thats what they said. They also said “Sorry for the inconvenience caused” twice. They must have used a template from which they copied, pasted and added some words from their oh-so vast collection of notification templates. I wonder what problems could cause this issue to surface time and time again for the past week especially since its the Malaysian and Singaporean School Holidays. It has nothing to do with the game content but the log in page which is giving the Maintenance crew a hard time.

Let’s hope they fix it soon.

Also take note that all MapleSEA websites have been changed from .net/ to .com/  please be aware of those changes.

imageSource: MapleSEA Website

EDIT: Servers were loginable since 3pm or earlier. Server log in still rather unstable. Log-in with caution.


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6 responses to “MSEA: Singapore Servers Down

  • SkyofDawn

    Visiting via the old URLs will redirect you into the new URLs, for now. =X
    Who knows when they will be changing domain again? They just keep changing . ==

    Long ago they mentioned about moving to a new forum, but it’s on a permanent “coming soon” state.

    • Nisrockk

      I suppose with the changes in URL, It means they’re upgrading? Or they just cant make up their minds.

      Lol. Moving the forums. With the BBP thing with all its errors, i think its safe to say that they wont move the forums until next year.

  • SkyofDawn

    Even if BBP is over, there will still be Chaos and Jump patch. =X
    By the way, Spadow’s blog is discontinued, what a pity. =(

    • Nisrockk

      Yeah. He’ll be back just like me. Will be months or a year. I’m sure he’ll be back.

      Regarding the BBP thing…. Yeah. We still got about (at the rate AS is going) 1 year worth of patches. 🙂 LHC, Reorganization, Chaos and Jump. 😀 Can’t wait.

  • SkyofDawn

    There’ll be a bad news for you when ultimate adventurer is out.
    It seems you won’t be able to max out the KoC skills. ==

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