My First Scarlion Solo :D


Yep. My first ever. It took me 1 hour with my Dual Blade post BBP. I’m kindda sad that I took that long but hey, I Solo’ed it! So i’m feeling pretty good about myself.

What i got was a [Skillbook] Spirit Claw 30, [Skillbook] Holy Shield 20, Scroll for Staff for Magic Att (60%), Scroll for Earring for INT (60%) and Scroll for Two-Handed Axe for Att (60%) and 4 Scarlion Helms (I let my friend loot it all, 1 of it was pot-ed. 2 liner.)

Nothing much has happened in MSEA lately. It’s been a pretty slow week with some server maintenances and pretty much nothing else except the usual hackers (no more lurking around) loitering around.

In KMS however, there’s a new Hero going to be released called (If you haven’t been informed)..

the Cannon Shooter.

Since it’s not in MSEA yet, i shall not type so much about it as i am still not sure which direction i want my blog to take. MSEA, GMS or KMS… But hey. If you wanna read more on the Cannon Shooter, you can do so HERE.

Lots of patches to come to MSEA, but it will be a while before we get them, knowing Asiasoft.



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