MSEA: Bing Monkey!

Finally! MSEA has its first pet which can Auto-Buff players! Its called the Bing Monkey. It looks like a monkey in an astronaut/diving suit. It looks weird. It can equip what is called an Oxygen tank (that pink thing behind it) and it costs a whopping 38,000 @cash! Wow.

I would get one but i have a DB, DK and BM. I’m not sure what i’ll auto-buff with. Maybe for my DB, i’ll auto-buff haste because its annoying when Night Lords or Shadowers use their Haste which cancels out my DB’s personal haste.

Fun fact: Being sealed doesn’t affect auto-buffs.

Bing Monkey is kind of cute i guess. At least its not as ugly as some pets.

Other than that, theres a sale in the cash shop which allows people to purchase certain Cash Shop Clothing at 1,000 @cash which the item lasts for 45 days. Check it out! Not a bad deal, i must say. I might just grab something this weekend! 😀

• [ETC] 20% Up EXP Coupon (1Day) image
• [ETC] 20% Up EXP Coupon (14-18) image
• [ETC] 20% Up EXP Coupon (18-22) image
• [ETC] 20% Up EXP Coupon (22-02) image

Also, 20% EXP Coupons with designated time slots have been introduced at 5,000 @Cash each.

To buy the Bing Monkey or not to buy the Bing Monkey. Though, what skill needs Auto-Buffing, eh? Good timing too since my pet just turned back into a doll today.


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