KMST: Mercedes Class (Dual Bow)

The Legend Patch

Consists of (from left to right) the Cannon Shooter, Mercedes and the Demon Slayer.


It looks like Spadow hasn’t really quit. He made two videos of Mercedes in KMST and was kind enough to post it in the SEA forums.


Notice the little flying helper on the top right-side lane of the map.

Mercedes, a class which excels in both Ranged and Melee but with the same low HP as a ranged character. As seen in the video, 3,800 HP at level 110+ pretty similar to a bowman or gunslinger. They can also rush monsters. To me, this job seems a lot better and more fun than current bow/xbow wielders.

Yay? or Nay? Comment.


PS: Here’s one of it Papu’ing

Read on to know about the skill list.

Mercedes Job Skills

Beginner Job

  •  Elf’s Recovery: Using the power of nature and its purified energy, recover your HP and MP continually.
    Every 4 seconds, recover 10% of your HP and MP.
  •  Stylish Move: Quickly move up a ladder or rope.
    Key combination: ↑ + jump
  •  Speed Mastery: Elves are born with heightened agility and attacking speed.
    Increases attacking speed by 1, speed by 10, and jump by 20.
  •  Elf’s Blessing: With the blessing of the ancient elves, you can return to Eurel and also permanently gain 10% experience.
    Return to Eurel (cooldown is 1800 seconds), gain 10% extra experience.

First Job

  •  Speed Dualshot: Shoot two arrows that hit many enemies.
    At max level, hits 3 enemies twice for 115% damage.
  •  Potential Power: Permanently activates your inner force. Increases speed, max speed, and give a chance to dodge enemy attacks.
    At max level, increases speed by 30, increases max speed to 165%, and gives you a 20% chance of dodging enemy attacks.
  •  Acrobatic Jump: Once in the air, you can jump again. As the skill level increases, the distance jumped increases as well. (same as Double Jump)
  •  Sharp Aiming: Permanently increases critical chance.
    At max level, increases critical chance by 40%.

Second Job

  •  Cross Piercing: The force of nature is infused into a sharp arrow. Can go through many enemies.
    At max level, hits 6 enemies twice for 165% damage.
  •   Charge Drive: Rush then hit many enemies into the air. Extra damage is applied to monsters that are in the air.
    At max level, hits 8 enemies for 130% damage and 210% damage in the air, 30% extra damage is applied to monsters that are in the air.
  •  Dual Bowgun Booster: Consumes MP to raise the attacking speed for a short time.(Prerequisite – 5 Dual Bowgun Mastery)
    At max level, lasts 200 seconds and raises attacking speed by 2.
  •  Soul Purify: For a certain period of time, damage done to enemies will be used to heal HP & MP. However, you cannot heal more than 10% of your HP or MP each attack.
    At max level, lasts 180 seconds and 5% of the damage done to enemies is used to heal HP & MP.
  •  Final Shot: Can only be used after Charge Drive. Shoot many arrows that hit enemies in the air. (Prerequisite – 1 Charge Drive)
    At max level, hits 8 enemies for 75% damage 4 times and hits 20% extra damage to monsters in the air.
  •  Dual Bowgun Mastery: Increases the mastery of the dual bowgun and accuracy.
    At max level, gives 50% mastery over dual bowguns and 120 accuracy.
  •  Final Attack: Dual Bowgun: After attacking, there is a chance of doing an extra hit.(Prerequisite – 3 Dual Bowgun Mastery)
    At max level, 40% chance to do an extra 150% damage hit.
  •  Physical Training: Permanently increases dex and str.
    At max level, increases dex and str by 30.
Third Job
  •  Strike Dualshot: Shoots many fast arrows at enemies in front of you. Has a chance to stun enemies.
    At max level, hits 4 enemies with 4 arrows,  doing 126% damage each, and an 80% chance of stunning for 6 seconds.
  •  Leap Tornado: While in the air, start spinning and shoot many arrows at the ground. You must have 120% or more jump and be in the air to use this skill.
    At max level, hits 8 enemies for 135% damage 4 times.
  •  Unicorn Spike: Summon the sacred unicorns to attack enemies in front of you. There is a chance to debuff your opponent and weaken them, to allow you and your party to deal extra damage.
    At max level, 8 enemies will be hit 150% damage 5 times, and there is a 95% chance of dealing 15% extra for 15 seconds, but the extra damage is only applied to a maximum of 5 hits.
  •  Gust Dive: Use the power of the wind to dive through the air into enemies to damage. Weakened monsters (from Unicorn Spike) take extra damage.
    At max level, hits 6 enemies 3 times for 190% damage, weakened monsters take 20% extra damage.
  •  Ignis Lore: Using the power of the spirit of fire, increase your damage and chance to avoid enemy attacks for a certain period of time.
    At max level, lasts 180 seconds and gives 40 attack. Passively adds an extra 20% chance to avoid enemy attacks.
  •  Water Shield: Use the strength of the spirit of water to create a shield that absorbs some damage and gives you resistance to states and elements for a certain period of time.
    At max level, lasts 180 seconds, absorbs 30% damage, and gives you 25% resistance to states and elements.
  •  Lightning Flare: Can only be used after Charge Drive. Hits floating enemies to the ground with lightning. There is a chance of instant death, and it passively increases the damage of Charge Drive. (Prerequisite – 5 Final Shot)
    At max level, hits 8 enemies for 150% damage 4 times, and there is a 15% chance on instant death. Passively increases the damage of Charge Drive by 30%.
  •  Elemental Knight: Summons spirit knights to aid you in battle. They will fight monsters that you are attacking.
    At max level, summons 3 knights, for 180 seconds, which hit 120% damage.
Fourth Job
  •  Ishtar’s Ring: Borrow the power of the legendary weapon Ishtar to continuously fire rapid arrows at a target. Hold down the skill button to keep attacking, you can move slightly by pressing the arrow keys.
    At max level, hits 220% damage per arrow.
  •  Legendary Spear: Leap forward while raining down arrows on enemies. Enemies hit by the attack will have their defense lowered. This attack has a 100% critical chance.
    At max level, hit 8 enemies for 520% damage 2 times, their defense will be reduced by 20% for 15 seconds. Cooldown is 5 seconds.
  •  Multi Sniping: Instantly kills two monsters in front of you. This does not work on bosses, however lethal damage will be applied.
    At max level, 2 monsters are instantly killed. On bosses, you hit 1200% critical attack 2 times. Cooldown is 10 seconds.
  •  Ancient Spirit: For a certain period of time, receive the blessings of an ancient spirit and increase your damage and critical chance. Permanently increases the chance to avoid attacks of Ignis Lore.
    At max level, for 210 seconds, damage is increased by 30% and critical chance is increased by 15%. Passively increases Ignis Lore’s effect to avoid enemy attacks by 20%.
  •  Maple Warrior: Increase the stats of all party members by a certain percentage.
    At max level, increases all stats by 15% for 900 seconds.
  •  Hero’s Will: Focuses to break free from a state.
    At max level, cooldown of 360 seconds.
  •  Dual Bowgun Expert: Increases mastery of a dual bowgun, attack, and minimum critical damage. (Prerequisite – 20 Dual Bowgun Mastery)
    At max level, increases mastery to 70%, gives 30 attack, and increases minimum critical damage by 15%.
  •  Defense Break: Attacks on an enemy have a chance to ignore 100% of their defense. This works on bosses as well.
    At max level, there is a 25% chance to ignore 100% of the target’s defense.
  •  Highkick Demolition: Can only be used after Charge Drive. Fly towards your enemies in the air and hit them extremely fast. (Prerequisite – 15 Lightning Flare)
    At max level, hit 8 enemies for 147% damage 6 times. Passively increases Charge Drive’s damage by 50%.
  •  Advanced Final Attack: Increases damage and accuracy, and also the chance of activation and damage of Final Attack. (Prerequisite – 20 Final Attack: Dual Bowgun)
    At max level, adds 20 attack, 10% accuracy. Final Attack: Dual Bowgun’s chance of activation increases to 70% and its damage increases to 210%.

Credit goes to OrangeMushroom


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pageviews: 971

971 pageviews?! :O You guys are awesome. Keep em coming! (i think this is due to the release of Chaos patch in GMS and the release of Mercedes in KMST)

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13 responses to “KMST: Mercedes Class (Dual Bow)

  • Stickerperfection

    Liking the look of Mercedes & Demon Slayer. I’d say Demon Slayer is a magician? Probably dark~ like the opp. of BS. What say you? Which one do you think you’d go for?

    • Nisrockk

      I’d go for Mercedes. I like ranged and fast paced jobs. The demon slayer looks like a BaM to me. Someone on the inteweb mentioned that it could be warrior based.

  • SkyofDawn

    The launch of Mercedes seems to exterminate every adventurer bowmaster and marksman. =(
    Whatever they have, Mercedes has too, even upgraded version. Some of its skills are plainly imbalance, striking a heavy blow to the already pitiful adventurer archers. X_X

    For the demon slayer, what he is holding may be a mace instead of a staff. Who knows. O_O

    • Nisrockk

      Have to agree with you. They want to render BM’s and XBMs obsolete ever since they created the idea of Legend and Resistance. Just look at WH. lol.

      Nvm. BM’s and XBMs will be rare once again. Finally.

  • Stickerperfection

    Sigh. If it is warrior based that would turn me off completely. I’m more of a mage type. Btw, are you still playing your BM/DB? What lvl now?

    • Nisrockk

      Yeah, i am. Both are still level 170 and i dont wish to train them until Chaos (Train DB) and Jump (train BM).
      Until then, i will not train them as much because it’s ridiculously slow and i dont have the time to sit in front of the pc and grind. Bossing is nice but i need a team. Its nice to have friends. 🙂

  • Clem

    First look at the trailer etc I thought demon slayer was warrior based. Now that you mention it may be a mage.. i’m having second thoughts.

  • xopopcornox

    Hopefully more info on DS will come out soon! It its mage based then I might play. Provided not too taxing but I always feel stressed when I see you chionging poe(: Lol

  • CATfish

    if these are legends they would be either thief, bowman(duh) and pirate because aran and evan are the warrior and mage legends respectively. on the poster, there seems to be a monkey in front of the cannon shooter wearing a pirate hat. This seems to indicate that the cannon shooter is the pirate and so, the demon slayer is a thief(?). just my observations.

  • Hainesy

    Hey, im just wondering. Not sure if you would know this or not but are DualBowguns a One-Handed wep or a Two-Handed. Its been bothering me for quite a while and i’d like to know which scrolls i need to get =) (Pinks Or Not)


    • Nisrockk

      They are two handed weapons which require ONE slot in their equipment tab.
      Their shield slot on the other hand will equip some kind of Arrow looking equip which will not
      run out of arrows.

  • ray

    dude DS are warriors becuz they use 1 hand axes and blunt weapons plus the have like the highest defence and health of all class- even the spearman now

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