[MSEA] Chaos Patch in October!

The Chaos Patch information was leaked a week ago and is said to be launched in October and November on GX. It will be divided into 3 patches spanning over two months of patches and updates. Here’s whats coming your way:

19 October 2011: Return of the Hero

Lots of classes are getting their skills re-balanced in this patch and the Hero class is getting the same treatment as well(maybe this is what the patch is named after). For those who have theorycrafted stats like defence, accuracy and avoidability, all of that will be revamped too. So it’s time to research on new calculations. Conclusively, this major re-balancing of skills and combat calculations can only mean one thing: They are setting the stage for PvP.

  • Dual Blades, Arans and Evans get new Skills replacing some old ones
  • Mechanics get a debuff in terms of % damage formulas
  • All adventurers get slight changes in skill % damages
  • Skill changes can be found here: KMS Chaos Patch Skills

9 November 2011: Technological Age & Super Fight

Technological Age
Personally, I would call this the Industrial Age only because this patch introduces professions skills into the game: Herbalism, Mining, Equipment Forging(they should seriously name it Blacksmithing), Jewel Crafting and Alchemy. You get to learn two out of five of these professions once you’re level 30 or beyond.
Super Fight
This, my friends, is your Player vs Player update. Players can fight against each other in two different modes: Survival and Team Match.Survival is a simple free-for-all battle arena where points are attained by defeating as many players as possible before the timer runs out. In Team Match mode, players band together to fight an opposing team. Team assignments will be handled randomly.
  • Maker Skill deleted, replaced with Blacksmith/Forger profession skill
  • Ores of Jewels or Minerals no longer drop from monsters. It can only be mined
  • Crystals still drop from certain monsters

23 November 2011: Ice Knight

This patch adds a new PvP mode to the two that would already be available by that time. This mode picks one person randomly to be an Ice Knight that can freeze other players. All other players will have to defeat the Ice Knight and avoid being frozen. The game ends when the Ice Knight freezes everyone, or when it is defeated.
  • It’s a PVP scenario
  • 1 out of 10 players who choose this scenario when entering PVP will become the Ice Knight
  • 9 normal players’ objective is to eliminate the Ice Knight
  • The Ice Knight’s goal is to eliminate everyone else
  • Ice Knight will have certain skills, attacks, and abilities which can be read HERE
I’ll edit this later. Need to go take a 2 hour nap. :/
Sources: Quoted sections are from GX.Com.Sg and Spadow

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