[MSEA] Merge of Fornax, Gemini and Hercules

Lookie what i realised was on the main website….


Dear Maplers,

On the night of the Perseid meteor shower, Spiruna’s assistant woke up abruptly from a nightmare and hurriedly ran to look for her Master, Spiruna who was still soundly asleep.

“Master! Master! Hurry wake up! I need to tell you something! Please please listen to me!” Spiruna’s assistant shrieked.

Spiruna look at her assistant and said “ahhh let me catch some sleep, I have not been having much rest ever since the unite of Fornax and Gemini”

“But, but, but, I just dreamt of the meeting of another two constellations!!” replied Spiruna’s Assistant.

Spiruna jumped from her bed and said “WHAT?” and hurried to her orb and started chanting.

After some time, Spiruna looked up from her crystal clear orb and said to her assistant “Yes, it is time for Fornax, Gemini and Hercules to collide according to your prediction.” 

FAQ Section

Asiasoft would like to provide you with some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

Question: What is your reason for doing this world merge?
Answer: This is to balance the population to enhance the gameplay on low population has affected majority of the players in both Fornax/Gemini and Hercules world.

Question: What will happen to my character?
Answer: Characters are retained. The current world selection page will still show Fornax, Gemini and Hercules in the world selection page. If you choose Fornax, only your existing Fornax world characters will be displayed. This applies vice versa for Gemini world and Hercules world.

Question: What will happen to my items?
Answer: Please rest assured that items will not be removed.

Question: Are my Cash items transferable after the world merge?
Answer: No, Cash items can only be shared between characters in the same world under the same Maple account.

Question: Will there be any changes in the guild system?
Answer: No, but if the guilds share the same names in both worlds, they will be re-named and given a temporary name. For example, if guild “MSEA” is found in both Fornax/Gemini and Hercules worlds, it will be renamed to MSEA_F and MSEA_H.

Question: If my guild name in Fornax/Gemini shares the same guild name in Hercules, how can I re-name it?
Answer: Please advise the guild leader to send an iBox under General Enquiry and insert the term “Changing of guild name (FGH World Merge)” to facilitate our tracking. In the iBox, do include the following information:
1. Guild name
2. Guild leader IGN
3. New Guild name

Please note that the name change request can only be performed once and it cannot be revised or change once the process is completed. The guild names will be changed during the weekly regular server checks or when applicable.

Question: What will happen to my rank position?
Answer: The ranking lists for both worlds will be merged into one. Currently, the ranking system is still undergoing a revamp to introduce the new ranking list for Fornax/Gemini and Hercules.

Please check the latest news for any new updates.

– Nexon and MapleSEA administrator

Finally, they’re merging these servers. These servers are practically dead anyway and by merging them would help boost the economy, increase player count and probably benefit many of the players in the MY Gateway.

Lookit me, almost typing an essay.

Well, i’m off. Post more later.


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