[MSEA] Chaos Patch Preparation and Rumours Busted

#1. Get your MoN (Mark of Naricain) before Chaos Patch!

For the past 3 months, after Chaos Patch, GMS is unable to enter the Crimsonwood Keep PQ (CWKPQ) due to some bug not allowing them to enter the map. They are sent straight to Henesys for the first few weeks and then the door to enter CWKPQ was removed entirely.

So get your MoNs A.S.A.P. and pray that Asiasoft does not directly copy and paste the data from GMS with this bug included. But as Alilatias  has mentioned, since MSEA had an unnotified halt of ore drop in the whole server after the Lion Heart Castle patch which also happened in GMS, this CWKPQ bug is likely to occur in MSEA as well.

#2. AP Reset removal from the Cash Shop is FAKE

So there are some rumours being spread around MSEA saying that AP resets will no longer be sold in the Cash Shop after Chaos Patch.

Really?! Are you serious?!

AP resets are one of the most lucrative item Nexon has ever created- 2nd only to Miracle Cubes, that Maplers would spend a lot of real $$ Dollars $$ on. Of course you have pets and shops and the Gachapon but AP reset, people “HP Wash” with gusto spending hundreds of thousands of NX/A-Cash on them. So there is absolutely NO WAY that Nexon will be removing or had removed the AP Resets from the Cash Shop.

It’s been there since time immemorial and shall stay there to test the sands of time. (Pretty poetic, aren’t i? 😀 )

Conclusion: AP Resets are here to stay for the long haul!

#3. Pieces of Time drop rate Pre-Chaos vs Post-Chaos uncertain

Question: Is the droprate for PoT higher or lower after Chaos?

Here’s what hadriel had to say when asked about this:

“God knows. Very few people go to ToT other than to PB or boss anymore. Just too painful, expensive and slow (relatively, of course).” -hadriel

So, people won’t really be hunting for PoTs because its painful, expensive and slow. o.O Perhaps making level 130 weapons is a far better option than making reverse ones. We’ll see when it arrives in 19 days.

More to come!


PS: LHC is awesome. 🙂


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