Post Jump – Where to train?

I suppose everyone has this particular question of where exactly to train after Jump patch because they’ve removed party play for Lion Heart Castle. Well, i’m here to tell you where exactly you should train. 🙂

For levels 1 – 110: Refer HERE

Level 110+

Grinding method: Dual Ghost Pirate, Spirit Vikings or Lion Heart Castle
-party play may have been removed but the HP of the monsters have been reduced and it is still a good place to train solo or with a party.

Party Quest (PQ) method: “Romeo and Juliet” (Magatia PQ), “Lord Pirate” PQ (Herb Town PQ) and/or Orbis PQ

Level 120+

Grinding method: Gigantic Spirit Viking, Red Dragon Turtle and Crockies (Lion Heart Castle, LHC). Killing Papulatus boss is also an option. Be sure to bring some friends along.

PQ method: “Resurrection of the Hoblin King” PQ (Rex PQ/HKPQ), “Escape” (LHCPQ),

Level 130+

Grinding method: Rexton, Lycanthrope, Brexton, Minor/Coolie Zombie and LHC. Papulatus is also optional. Good exp.

PQ method: Rex PQ (HKPQ), Escape (LHCPQ) and “Kenta In Danger” / Kenta Rescue (KRPQ)

Level 140+

Grinding method: Leafre, Temple of Time (ToT) and LHC. Killing papulatus, going for zakum runs are optional.

PQ method: Rex PQ, Escape and Kenta.

-these two methods are viable probably until you hit max level. Good luck.

1. Since PQ has a limit of 10 times a day (Resets at 0000 hrs), I suggest doing Party Quests 10 times and then grind at recommended areas. Repeat this method daily.

2. PQs are accessible through Mirror of Dimension- Versatile Portal located at every town in Maplestory.

3. Since Monster Park will not be released until 7th of March 2012, this will have to do for now. Or else, replace/add in Monster Park in all Grinding method.




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