Empress Cygnus

So.. I’ve been away for exactly 3 months and I’m back for a bit. 🙂
I got a comment about 13 days ago regarding the Empress Cygnus and how to survive it.
Random 😀 Mar 30, 1:04 pm

What about Empress Cygnus? :D

Viking2000 May 10, 5:44 am

Dont know about the touch damage but the empress does about 51,000 via reflect. It would have been nice had Nexon allowed players getting killed to get back into the battle without the use of Wheels. Empress owns the best players with the Godliest possible HPs possible (99999 HP) So well go by whatever you can afford and use skillwork, 99999 HP is about 3 times more expensive to get since Nexon nerfed MP gained from Int at level ups except for mage classes. Your only hope is to double wash (Requires 190 Int with gears + stats) or triple wash (Requires 380 int with gears + stats)

I personally have not experienced fighting the Empress hence i didn’t put it in.

However, i heard that the damage reflect is almost imposssible to predict but the damage Hawkeye (the minion) would deal would be about 20k damage so having HP at 25k (with buffs?) would be ideal to going to fight the Empress. (and a ton of wheels)

You do indeed need a very smart team though with a variety of people, especially BaMs and Shads for their Party Shield and Smokescreen to survive longer.

Im pretty sure the HP problem can be overcome with HP% equipments and HP boost potions.

Take a Shadower for example. With only 6,000HP at level 150.

With a 2,000HP boost potion, you would get 8,000HP.
Add in CHT neck (10%HP), CZak Helm(10%HP), Bunny Mask(6%HP), Rex Earring (10%HP) and Hyper Body – From DK Skill (60% HP) = 96%HP

Your HP would be at: 15,680HP this does not include HP added items or potentialed HP% lines. This however is only for Shadowers. They have Meso Guard which doubles their HP so with all this equipped, they’d have about 31k HP.

Okay.. i think halfway typing this… i got pretty doubtful for those squishy jobs (classes which have low HP and low defence) such as Bowman, BaM, Pirates and NLs. Basically anything but Mages and Warriors because after Justice patch, MP gain from INT is no longer applicable for non-mages making HP-washing impossibru. Perhaps the reason they’re squishy is because you’re not supposed to get too close to the bosses anyway. You are to shoot from the edge of your range so that you don’t receive damage so often.

Why its almost impossible to defeat Empress Cygnus:
(although she has been defeated countless times in MSEA. I’ve been bugging the Aquilians to post up a video of her defeat online but a friend of mine told me the organiser will, soon. And it’s been months. :/ )

1. She deals 50k damage due to 100% damage reflect
2. Billions of HP with all the mobs she spawns together with her.
3. And only an hour time limit
4. She has many different status abnormalities she can inflict.
5. You can only kill Empress Cygnus when her knights are dead. This makes timing an even bigger fact.
6. When a lot of people die and they get pushed near the respawn area (left) and people try to use Wheels, they die again instantly.
7. Empress Cygnus can summon so many monsters that it really drains the party after a while.
8. She has an impressive and overactive hack-guard. When something happens you DC.
9. Empress Cygnus has so many different attacks (more than PB) and she can trap you in them. All those attacks makes party shields (Party Shield, Smoke Screen) very valuable to a party.
10. You can’t just blitz her with tons of damage or you’ll lose so the convention all Drk, Sair, BM, DB and NL parties won’t work out. You need good tanks and protection.

Basically: Timing, Status, and Durability.

Source: Just Needed the Info 🙂

Will update if i receive anymore news.

xoxo Nisrockk


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2 responses to “Empress Cygnus

  • hino

    hino here. some extra info for you. empress cygnus reflect is not impossible to predict. only issue is the reflect is EXPED reflect. meaning as long as 1 member of your exped hits, anyone in the exped has a chance of dying. so… be prepared for alot of complaining. i lost 21 wheels in my first run mostly this way LOL

  • Ryannnnn mehmehhhhhh

    hi poeeee 😀 ryan here. about bms being unable to survive — it can be done 😀 my first run was with 11k with phoenix, 15k with hb. the only times i died were due to mass ref as mentioned by hino lol. that one really -___- bm’s survivability really increased a lot due to elite puppet already =x no mass ref = can survive really nicely 😀 unless your crashers fail la then okay screw them AHAHAHAHAH .(Y)

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