Here Returns the Hiatus-ing Hero

Maplestory - wow i see land

Guess who’s back?


Kind of went on a hiatus for a year since May 2012 to sort out stuff from my life… but I’m back!
I know you’ve missed me and I know I’ve probably lost a number of readers, but hopefully, something might incline you to come visit me again. 😀

Here are a few things I’m going to touch-up on in the coming week:

  1. Training Guide – making is concise and relate more current to what I’ve been doing lately
  2. Revamping Blog look – more clean and crisp (maybe)
  3. Update more on general things in MSEA – events, tips, tricks?

So I’ve moved from D/E/I to Aquila due to my friends leaving the game one by one and I’ve joined another friend of mine in Aquila. Let me tell you and trust me when I say, starting from scratch is no joke. Its tough!

You have no meso (had to rely on charity) for potions or anything, no equipments, no skill links, no rings, no buffs, no empress might… ZIP. Nothing.

But I guess that is the challenge.

To make it even MORE challenging I made a…


Yes. Wanted to make a Bowmaster (another, since i had one in Delphinus) but was convinced by said friend to make a Paladin as it is more useful and less squishy.  Been playing squishy classes all my maple life (i.e. Bowmaster, Dual Blade, Shadower – not really squishy but still) and thought why the hell not?

Things to know about a Paladin:

  • Getting through 1st job is insanely annoying and tiring – slashing jellyfishes with your small ranged attacks
  • Constant knockbacks, low avoidability, and a snail-like speed of movement.
  • 2nd job was SLIGHTLY better with Ground Smash and Slipstream (propels you forward)
  • 3rd job…. *grin* now this is where the fun starts although you are out-damaged by a lower level Kaiser or Luminous – but who cares?

Only reached level 70+ so far. And I’m having fun.


nisrockk - 5 followers!

:O THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! I cherish each and every one of you.

Till next time peeps,
Updating soon,


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