I’m Back! …again.

Been away for almost 2 years.

It was actually a relief to be away from Maplestory. I didn’t have to keep worrying about time commitments from leveling to boss schedules, trying to make money through selling items and spending money on @Cash upgrades. I managed to focus more on spending time with my family, university, my other hobbies, work, travelling the world and friends.

There’s so much on Maplestory now. I swear my brain actually felt tired after reading everything up in the span on a few days. There’s a crap ton of Quests that gives Medals to do now, Events, new Jobs, different game Mechanics, amazing and super fun and lengthy Storylines.


When I came back, I created a Night Walker. I was kind of tired of being a melee as I am by nature more suitable to be a ranged, a fast paced player (Bowmaster, Dual Blade). The thing I enjoyed the most was Friendstory.

This was where all our favourite Cygnus masters, NPCs and Bosses (Hilla & Magnus) acted as normal maplers in a different dimension. Even Cassandra was there. It was SUPER fun and I enjoyed it most. I highly recommend everyone to experience this. It was awesome.

I’ll just keep this short. I’m still roaming around Maple alone. Most of the friends I had before are no longer playing so if anyone’s in MSEA Aquila server, add me into your buddy list or guild! I need some socialisation. :3

Be kind.


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An average MapleStory South-East Asia (MapleSEA) player since 2005. Bringing you the latest news and updates. View all posts by Nisrockk

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