Fastest, FREE-est way to get Level 30 Charm

Maplestory - Kinesis3


You heard it. Many have asked and here I deliver.

This is absolutely FREE without spending any money on Cash Equipments for charm but it just takes a few hours of your life a day. You’re already playing Maplestory. What’s a few hours of your day, eh?

MS - Charm level 30.1

Level 30 Charm
14,562 exp
10 days
1,500 Charm exp daily.


MS - smallBLUEsnail

  1. Mu Lung Dojo

MS - Yellow Belt

You wanna get these babies every day. They give 100 Charms a pop. Thats freaking a lot. Unfortunately in MSEA you can only do Normal/Hard Dojo 3 times a day and Ranked 3 times a day. Here’s what I do daily:

i) Hard Mode x 3 = 16 Mu Gong’s Emblem x 3 rounds = 48 Mu Gong’s Emblem

ii) Ranked Mode x 3 = 25 Mu Gong’s Emblem x 3 rounds = 75 Mu Gong’s Emblem

MS - MuGongEmblem

Total = 123 Mu Gong’s Emblem

Since 1 Yellow belt costs 25 emblems, I will manage to obtain about an average of 4-5 belts a day (minimum). Which is about 400-500 Charm EXP.

2. Monster Park

MS - Moustache

Monster Park doesn’t have a limit of entry in MSEA so you can spam as many times as you want depending on how many tickets you obtain. I suggest using the Tiger ticket either from killing monsters and exchanging 10 pieces for 1 ticket or buying 5 tickets from the NPC daily (200,000 meso each). Each Mustache costs 50 Monster Park Commemorative Coins.

Which map do I usually go to?
Dead Tree Forest (170-179)
you get about 20-30 coins

I usually Monster Park till I get 8-9 mustaches which is 800-900 Charm EXP.

3. Chaos Zakum Helmet

MS - Zak Helm


As you can see, it gives you 70 Charm EXP each. You can Chaos Zak twice a day, so that’s 140 Charm EXP.

If you’re lazy to read, here’s the summary:

Mu Lung Dojo = 500 exp
Monster Park = 900 exp
Chaos Zak Helm = 140 exp

TOTAL = 1,540 Charm EXP daily

Extra info:

MS - CologneMS - PCologne
You may obtain charms from other items such as Cologne (5 Charm EXP) and Premium Cologne (30 Charm EXP)

Cologne: Drops from Monster Park monsters at random
Premium Cologne: Available for Purchase from the Root Abyss store (randomly appears after killing any of the four bosses) & Temple of Time’s Strange Ornate Chest (Special Store)

MS - StrangeOrnateChest

It all depends on how diligent you are and how willing you are to get your Pocket slot.

In addition, Evolving world: Link 2 gives 20 charm once you complete the quest in that room. You can enter the Evo World 3 times a day. That’s an additional 60 charm!

Also, it’s great to be back. 😉
Good luck! And have fun.

Be kind,


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