MapleSEA: Eastern China

MS-  china nanjinglu map

Well, lookie what we got here.

This is an exclusive CMS (China Maplestory) map which is called New Shanghai or Nanjing Lu which has been brought to MapleSEA for our enjoyment. This new map was released in CMS in October 2015. I’m pretty excited for this new map because of the many new quests, cool Questline as well as equipments.

Now for those who are anxious and impatient to explore the map yourself, during this 11-hour downtime, you may watch these videos I found online. (It is however is in Chinese. So to those who can read Chinese, good on you)



(Credit: Weijia Wang)



Aside from the amazing landscape, new monsters and cool quest line (which I will not go in-depth about), which is the important part of new maps: The Equipments. In this patch, there will be 3 equipment sets:


(Credit: Conserver)

Set Name – Golden Flower Set

3 Set Bonus:
AllStat: +5
M.Att: +3
M.Def: +50
W.Att: +3
W.Def: +50

6 Set Bonus:
AllStat: +5
M.Att: +5
M.Def: +50
MHP: +5%
MMP: +5%
W.Att: +5
W.Def: +50

9 Set Bonus:
AllStat: +10
M.Att: +7
M.Def: +100
W.Att: +7
W.Def: +100
Damage vs. Bosses : +10%


(Credit: Conserver)

Set Name – Gold Richie’s Maple Set

3 Set Bonus:
MHP: +300
MMP: +300

5 Set Bonus:
ACC: +200
AllStat: +5
EVA: +200

7 Set Bonus:
Jump: +10
M.Att: +3
MHP: +10%
MMP: +10%
W.Att: +3
Speed: +10



(Credit: MapleSEA)

This set is however under Maple Royal Style. So, as other Maple Royal Styles, it’s your luck if you do get this set.

Set Name – Mint Kitty in Wonderland

5 Set Bonus:
AllStat: +5
M.Att: +3
W.Att: +3

Are you excited? I know I am.

Be kind,



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