MapleSea: Eastern China 2

MS - Shanghai Bund 1

So I was roaming around Maplestory, completing all the quests in Eastern China when I came across this item called Jade Pot. I didn’t manage to take a picture of it because it was so… random. But here is what happened…

A light bulb appeared on top of my head and told me to visit Guanjie Xu. I assumed he was somewhere in town.

MS - Antiques Dealer

Lo and behold there he was. He told me that this item was a rare find and it was from the Qing Dynasty. He said I needed to trade in the Jade Pot with 5 Yu Garden Coins.

MS - Yu Garden Coins

Guanjie Xu continued to say that he was joking and that he’s give the Jade Pot Badge for free. What a kind sir. So here’s what the badge looks like:

MS - Jade Pot Badge

As you can see, there is an expiry date. This badge only lasts for 1 month. If you can keep hunting for these every month, why not? Also there are two other badges called Rider Badge  (All stat +20, Wa/Ma +10) and the Bronze Burner Badge (All stat +22, Wa/Ma +12). However, I have not yet figured where the Etc. drops from. Maybe I’ll keep hunting for us to find out. 😉

PS: Our fellow mapler, iNickxonz has told us that the Rider Badge drops from Roosters and Supermarket Zombies.

Looks like the Etcs drop from all monsters in Yu Garden! What are you waiting for?


MS - Demonic Zombie

On a different note, when you kill the mini-boss Demonic Zombie at Demonic Zombie Infested Area, it will drop two items: Demonic Zombie Clothing  and Hat  Fragment. If you have a hard time looking for the boss, the re-spawn timing is every 25 minutes (I’d know. I timed it myself.)

When you’ve collected 10 of either one of the etc. drops, talk to Dusang Wang.
MS - Dusang Wang

He will give you a Use Item called the Demon Zombie Outfit Coupon. Here, what you will do is double-click the item, select one of your already owned equipment and change its look permanently! This is the same process for the Demon Zombie Hat Coupon.

…and this is what my character looks like now. Isn’t she cute? :3

MS - Demonic Outfit


If you’ve been doing the questline as I have been, you’d discover at the end of it that you will get 3 titles: Yu Garden Visitor/Resident/Hero which adds no stats and also a new chair; Zombie Capture Instant Photo.

You are allowed to type a message with up to 20 characters! Here’s what I typed for mine.

MS - I am the Queen

“I am the Queen”

Anyway, I’ll update you more as things come along. There is a Black Market Shop that only opens at 8PM – 10PM in Yu Garden. I hope to catch that vendor soon. Apparently the items sold are always random and the currency used is the Yu Garden Coins.

Be kind,


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