Maplestory: What To Do?

First off, I’d like to say…

I’m Back!!!

Dragon Knight

Its been a year and a half and here I am again. Let’s get down to business.

So day in and day out, you log in to maple only finding yourself to log off soon after. Maybe you’ll stay for an hour to check out the FM to look at things you can’t afford or maybe you’ll train your character just a little until you get bored. Maybe you log in just for dailies and off you go.

Here I give you the SUPERFANTASTICAWESOME list of things to do. 🙂

Number One:


Wait. This should be a list. So the list:

  1. Monster Collection

    Monster collection
    What better way to spend your time and be rewarded WHILE exploring Maplestory?! Grab a friend or two and go forth and complete your Monster Collection!
    I haven’t done this myself as I am still training my sub characters to level 120.
    (Refer to #2)

  2. Link Skills

    Link Skills

    Train sub characters to level 120 and enjoy the extra benefits it gives you. It doesn’t take long nowadays. It usually takes me 3 days to get to level 120.

  3. Pocket Slot

    Pocket item
    What’s this? Its an additional slot that will open up after you’ve reached a certain level of charm. That’s Level 30 Charm. It’s easy! Click on my previous post to find out how to get Level 30 Charm in 10 days absolutely FREE!

  4. Collect Millage

    Milleage coinHow to get millage?

    Kill Boss monsters:
    Zakum, Chaos Zakum, Horntail, Chaos Horntail, Hilla, Magnus, Pink Bean, All 4 Root Abyss Bosses

    Then once you’ve collected enough, you can spend it at the Millage shop in the Cash Shop. You can get pets, cubes, etc. depending whats on sale for the month!

    Milleage shop

  5. No friends? No problem.

    Get to Henesys Channel 1 and randomly chat up anyone! That’s how I joined my first guild in Aquila. That guild is dead now though. Perhaps I’ll try it again this week. 😉

    Maplestory Henesys

    The thing about Maplers is that everyone is up for a chat. Who knows, you might end up meeting your best friend or partner. HEHEHEH

  6. Events

    Events Arcana

    MapleSEA has a ton of events lined up every quarter. Keep up with the events and strive to accomplish it! Here’s the list for this coming two months.

7. Arcane Orb Dailies

arcane orb

Every day you can do up to 5 Arcane Orb Dailies from Rona.


This allows you to increase your Arcane Power so you can train at maps of mobs with higher level.

You can choose to Replace certain quests given.

Recommended: Eliminate quests. The alternative is Collecting Samples quest which can be tedious because drop rates vary.


Well, what are you waiting for?

There’s no excuse to be bored anymore. Oh, well, if you’re on the Aquila server and want someone to just have a ball with, add me up: TataQueen. I’ll be more than happy to explore Maple together with you. 🙂

[Upgrades on your way]
– Update training area
– Update visuals

Be kind,


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