Maplestory M: Gold Leaf Farming


This is how you farm Gold Leafs in Maplestory M to purchase those stones to rank up your weapon to Legendary.


First: By doing Daily Dungeons

  • Clear Elite Dungeon 1 time
  • Clear Daily Dungeon 1 time
  • Clear Mini Dungeon 1 time

Total Gold Leaf = 480 GL / 3,360 GL per week


Second: Complete an Expedition (Zakum/Horntail) TWICE a day

Zakum drop: 100 GL (Norm), 150 GL (Hard)
Horntail drop : 100 GL

4 expeditions per day (400 GL) + Expedition Weeekly (100 GL)

Total Gold Leaf = 500 GL / 3,500 GL per week


Third: Complete the 50 Weeklies


Missions done Gold Leaves
10 100
15 100
20 200
25 200
35 300
40 300
50 400

Total Gold Leaf = 1,600 GL per week

Fourth: Nett’s Pyramid


Nett’s Pyramid

You can enter Nett’s Pyramid for Free 3 TIMES a day.

There is a chance to get:

  • 80 GL
  • 140 GL

Assuming you get at least one 80 GL drop (pessimistic)…

Total Gold Leaf = 80 GL / 560 GL per week

Fifth: Extracting

Extracting equipments costs you mesos and yields some amount of gold leaves and ocult cubes.

Gold Leaves Occult Cubes Meso (Weapon) Meso (Armor)
Normal 0-7 0-1 500 100
Rare 0-29 0-2 2000 200
Epic 0-73 0-3 5000 300
Unique 0-147 0-4 10000 500

Take note that after a lot of extracting, the amount of Gold Leaf extracted usually amounts to 1/3 of the stated amount of Gold Leafs extractable. So if its 29 Gold Leafs to be extracted from a Rare equipment, expect to get only 7-10 GLs.

Total Gold Leaf = Varies. Considered as bonus


Gold Leafs Attainable per Week (minimum)

= 9,020 GL

Good Luck Maplers!


Up Next: My Daily Rotation of things I do on Maplestory M



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