Maplestory M: Preparing for Cygnus Knights


They’re coming next week. There will be 5 new classes to choose from:

Wind Archer (bottom left)
Blaze Wizard (back second from left)
Thunder Breaker (back second from right)
Night Walker (bottom right)
Dawn Warrior (front middle)

What to prepare yourselves for?


1- Which Class to Choose?

This is quite a big one. Which class should you play? It’s pretty much a make of break because you’ll be spending a LOT of your time training up a class and let’s make sure that you chose one that’s perfect for you. Now, which to select? Well, I have the answer for you.

I’ve been reading forums, YouTube comments on the Korean version and have found that only two of the five classes were mentioned as highest or with high DPS (damage per second). These two classes that I suggest you play if you want higher damage, be the top dog at Boss Dungeons and the ones I’ll be playing myself are:

Night Walker & Wind Archer

Night Walker cons: Not too good at mobbing. So, training will be a little slower than their counterparts, Night Lords.
Wind Archer cons: Low evade, will always get damaged by monsters. Might die often at Bosses or high level Starforce..

However, if you don’t care about DPS and want a super AOE (area of effect) class, good for mobbing or training, your best bet would be:


Blaze Wizard

Blaze Wizard cons: Lower damage than WA or NW.

If you want mobility and higher survivability, you can choose Thunder Breaker or Dawn Warrior as they are also decent mobbers (kill monsters in groups). They’re really fun to play as their characters zoom from left to right of the screen dealing a lot of AOE damage:

Dawn Warrior & Thunder Breaker

Dawn Warrior cons: Lower damage than WA and NW, less AOE than BW.

Thunder Breaker cons: Lower damage than WA and NW, less AOE than BW.

At the end of the day, any guide anywhere will tell you to play a class that you’ll enjoy playing. Try a few before settling for any specific classes by watching Youtube videos of Korean players. If you’re not fussy, you can leave the DPS to the P2P (Pay to play / whales) players while you reap the benefits by being in a party with them and enjoying faster Party EXP / Boss takedowns with them. 😉



2- Equipment

We have about 4 days before Cygnus Knights makes a landing so I suggest you stock up equipment for Wind Archer (WA) and Night Walker (NW) as WA uses Bows, which is also used by Bowmaster (BM) and NW uses Claws which is currently used by Night Lords (NL).

You can either:

  1. Prepare equipment for the patch
    • I suggest you prepare a PBA (Perfect Base Attack) weapon from Epic level  Bow/Claw and slowly upgrade it to Unique – Legendary.
      • This saves you a lot of meso and real money but it will be a long term relationship. 😉
  2. Stock up equipment for resale
    • Buy low, sell high
      • I’ve managed to stock up a few items in hopes that it will resell higher come next week. Fingers crossed!

meso bag

3- Meso

You’re gonna need a lot, a LOT of meso for your new class. You’re gonna need it for:

  1. Potions to stay alive
  2. Enhancing your weapons from low level
  3. Leveling up weapons
  4. Fusing jewels, equipments, etc.


4- Auto Battles & EXP Boosts

EXP boosts are important for when you hit level 85+ because of the lack of quests for your level. SAVE the ones from your shared mail, which you’ll get from events for when your new class comes by.


Alright, that’s all from me.

Remember to be kind to others.

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