Hi, I’m Nisrockk.

This blog is based on an MMORPG called MapleStory SEA which is a Free-To-Play game in South-East Asia. I’m your average Mapler who has been playing MapleStory since 2005 and here to bring you the lastest news of MapleSEA and MapleStory in general.

MS - Taege

I am a level 170 Bowmaster
and a level 200 Dual Blader in Delphinus/Eridanus/Izar.
plus my new level 70 Knight level 150 Paladin
and a level 200 Night Walker & 200 Night Lord in Aquila.

Currently level 114 on Maplestory M (Luna server on Asia 2 region) HMU!

There currently aren’t many blogs on MapleSEA available on the internet and I will try my best to keep you updated along with answering your questions, if any. So, please do ask me anything and I will get back to you ASAP.

If you have any comments, please do drop me a line.

Be kind,



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12 responses to “About

  • LilPete

    Hey Dude I play Eridanus. Can u post Pics of ur equipments of ur dualBlade if u have one. I am a lvl 73 DB and i currently hav a luk 9% 15 luk top and 6% luk HB pants but i dont know which EQ to upgrade nw for higher dmg.

    • Nisrockk

      I think i have less than 20% LUK overall for my Equips. I shan’t post it as it is not “Godly” and i still need to upgrade it. Perhaps next month i’ll post it up if i’m lucky.

      You should upgrade your earring to % LUK (3-liner) which is easy to get and perhaps a % LUK shoe.

  • LilPete

    well i have got a 10% owl belt nw which makes up 25% luk for my total luk %. Bt my earring is a 10luk single earring which is a really low lvl eq so shuld i get a potentialed rex earrring? Btw is Nisrockk ur maple ign>?

  • Nisrockk

    You should potential a level 75+ earring. Potential is ok to me. Gives you the added bonus of 10% hp and mp but you’d have to repair it often.

    My IGN is not Nisrockk. Its Kradow.

  • CY

    Hi, I am a lvl 135 dual blader in Izar(Maplesea), and my clean damage range is between 6k to 9.5k. BUt i have difficulty killing monster because i dun have FC. Does FC really makes a big difference? COs if so, i may wan to SOK it since i can’t get it from zakum twice….

    And also, where is the best place for me to train currently at my lvl with FC and without FC?

    Or should I just go train other character till chaos is out since DBs is so nerfed now?

  • Nisrockk

    FC does help tremendously when you’re training and bossing.

    You MUST Max Final Cut and Thorns first and add 1 point to Venom. The you move on to:

    Bossing Build:
    If you want more DPM, max CoH then max Venom afterwards. After Venom, max Maple Warrior and then max Mirrored Target. Why Venom? Because poison now affects bosses.

    To boss, you chain CoH with US twice and repeat.

    Grinding Build:
    Max Maple Warrior! Why not Venom? Since you’ll be grinding, the monsters you’re currently at will probably be killed too quickly for Venom to stack.
    After Maple Warrior is when you need to choose between Venom or Mirror Target. Preferably, do you want to kill faster or have more defense? Both’s a good pick.
    After that, max whatever you prefer.

    I hope this helped.

    • CY

      Thanks for replying and I think your suggestion is great. The grinding build sure looks attractive(in fact different from the other websites i visited) since i will be dead most of the time if i were to boss with such a low hp of 5.5k clean?. I think when chaos is out, things will change though, hopefully.

  • q

    hi, i’ve been trying to download maplestory but i cant access it. does it work for windows7?
    after i installed it, the pop up runs and after i click start game, it says there’s a problem with my network/firewall settings. please help!

  • Waagacool

    i guess they is no more update from nisrockk T.T

  • Startdust

    Hi dude,

    i return to maplesea, i quit maple before eunwol released.
    Now i have about 7 character above lv140 but i lack of skillbook to max their skills, i am kind of poor so buying skillbook from npc with 5/7.5m is not a good option for me.

    Any good ways to obtain free skillbooks? i do constantly farm in evolving lab to trade skillbook and done the crimson castle quest. wish to know if there is any other method =)

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