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[MSEA] Merge of Fornax, Gemini and Hercules

Lookie what i realised was on the main website….


Dear Maplers,

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[MSEA] Channel Crashers

Yep. Channel crashers.


They go around MapleSEA crashing certain channels at their will. Its happening to Aquila and Delphinus/Eridanus (as far as i know). Since I’m playing Delphinus/Eridanus, here’s the deal. The channels 1 and 14 are off limits. Sometimes they change to other channels but these two channels are off limits (depending on the crasher) in Delphinus/Eridanus. It’s better if you don’t login into these two channels just to be safe. When this happens, the fm will move to CC2 (resourceful maplers) but once CC1 is clear and shops reopen at CC1, the crasher will decide to crash CC1 again.

(black screen)

What will happen? Your screen will turn black if you try to CC into CC1 and you will have to restart maple. As in click on the (X) close button and restart maplestory. How annoying is that? I wonder what the GMs are doing. I hope they find the culprit, exercise a better hack-guarding system and make sure this does not happen again.

Btw guys, here’s a tip. Make your reverse weapons / level 100 equipments before the Chaos patch. I heard recipes for high leveled equipments are not easy to find (at least for the first few weeks to a month) so you should make your weapons and equipments NOW. Yes, its expensive, but its an investment. Just think about it.

Also, the Chaos Patch would probably arrive in MSEA at the end of the year *CROSSES FINGERS*. I really can’t wait. The Big Bang Patch has rendered Dual Bladers rather obsolete and the avoid system is pretty messed up at the moment. That’s why you theifs are able to be damaged by a snail. Well, same goes to Pirates and Archers. Your avoid is pretty much almost useless thanks to the BBP.

Oh. And here’s what i’ve heard. When making an Ultimate Adventurer (Warrior) the HP compared to Normal Adventurers is 4,000 HP less at Max Level due to the 1st and 2nd job advancement HP & MP bonuses. UA’s skip their 1st and 2nd Job Advancements because when created they are readily at level 50.

This means that Ultimate Adventurer HP < Normal Adventurer HP– and i expect the same to all jobs regarding less HP.

 Also, Mystery Mastery Books have arrived in MSEA! I think people are obtaining it through the Peanut Machine. Huzzah! Chaos patch inching closer and closer!

PS: Check out the website about September events and the Everyday events part 1.
Be sure to talk to Cassandra! 


MapleSEA: Big Bang Update

1. Date of Release for ALL Big Bang Updates

As most of the Maplers are aware, there will be 3 phases for Big Bang updates and are dying to know all the dates. We will be revealing all the release dates now!
To minimize hassles that Maplers might encountered during several client patching, only 2 client patch will be required instead of 3!

Big Bang 1 – Start of a New World! (Game Client Patch on 18th May 2011)

Big Bang is all set to rock the MapleSEA world with its revolutionary changes.

Like the birth of a new star, this will be an update that changes almost everything!
There will be huge changes: maps, monsters, quests, skills, EXP equation, damage equation, job balancing, resolution, UI, EVERYTHING will be different!

Big Bang 2 – Rise of the Resistance! (Server Check / Update on 25th May 2011)

Rebel Army of Edelstein!
They are the rebellion against the Black Wings and they will free their town at all cost!
Edelstein is now the home of the Black Wings, a secret cult dedicated to the resurrection of the Black Mage.
They recently came out of hiding and took over Edelstein, oppressing the citizens of Edelstein into silence while working hard to resurrect their evil lord.

What will you see in this update?

New Classes!

Join the Resistance in their struggle for freedom!
Join as a Battle Mage or Wild Hunter, by far the most versatile character classes in MapleSEA which will bring an exciting new way to game play and challenge for players looking for their next heroic experience!

One who use his staff to beat back the Black Wings and will be the first into rush into danger, placing himself between his teammates and the forces of darkness!
The other is an expert markswoman, will race to the front line of battle on her loyal Jaguar and shoot down her enemies with deadly accuracy!

New Maps!

Discover Edelstein, the home of the Black Mage! Battle the Black Wings and help destroy the infamous cult that swore to resurrect him!

New Stories!

The Black Mage, the greatest evil in MapleSEA has returned! You must confront the Black Mage’s minions as you struggle to save the world in all new storyline!

Big Bang 3 – Arrival of Resistance Support – Mechanics! (Game Client Patch on 6th July 2011)

Who are the Mechanics?

The final piece of the 3 new classes that will be featured in Big Bang.
The Mechanics are ordinary citizens of Edelstein who will answer the call for greatness.
Lacking the talent for magic of Battle Mages or the skill with crossbow and jaguar of the Wild Hunters, the Mechanics must draw on their ingenuity and use their gifts with technology to bolster the ranks of the Resistance!
They will join the Wild Hunters and the Battle Mages and free their home from the forces of darkness!

The Mechanic is a well-balanced class that offers fun and challenge for new players and experienced Maplers as well.

  • Also White Scrolls will be removed (you must use the WS before 17th May or else it will be forfeited with no refund or any sort of compensation)
  • Shanghai, China will be removed
  • Floating Market, Thailand will be removed
So basically…
  1. Game Client Patch on 18th May to bring in the Big Bang changes
  2. Server Check on 25th May to introduce Wild Hunter and Battlemage
  3. Game Client Patch on 6th July to introduce the Mechanic
I can hardly wait. 🙂

MapleSEA: GMBZezaki talks about Lionheart Castle and SP resets

GMBZezaki in Bootes Server
  • Lionheart Castle next major patch after Big Bang
  • SP resets will be given to us for free with the Big Bang patch (yay!)
  • No AP resets will be given
  • HP washing still doable after Big Bang
  • HP washing will have a fix amount of HP per AP after Big Bang

Not sure if he meant LHC out in August or so. Because if LHC is out in August (or around that time) that means Mechanic would be launched before that. :O
Click on the link below for all the ScreenShots.

MapleSEA: Bunny Disguise and ASGF 2011

It’s back! The AsiaSoft Game Festival 2011! 

The event highlights the release of the Big Bang for MapleSEA as well as its 6th year annivarsary!

Kudos to MapleSEA for going 6 years strong.
Details have not been specified but they have released the gist of it.

I see promotions and prizes at the bottom left of the website. I wonder what they may be.

During the month of April and May theres is the Easter event which has been hyped up by everyone. Where you can recieve the awesome Bunny Disguise!

Click more for a special treat.

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