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Random: Kung Fooled

A little humour goes a long way

A video called “Strangers, again” by WongFuProductions was suggested by a friend of mine. After watching that video, i allowed the playlist to continue and it played me this video. I haven’t laughed this hard in such a long time and thought i’d share it with everyone who has and who has not watched. 🙂

PS: Those who play Mortal Kombat 9 would laugh harder. 😉

Oh, yeah. I think you might have noticed some changes to my blog. I think this is one that i’m gonna stick with.


Nisrockk on Twitter!

Hey guys. I’m gonna make this short and simple. Keep updated regarding ongoings of MaplestorySEA and Maplestory in general by following me on Twitter at 🙂

Enquiries, if short will be responded there. If its long, comment here. Jokes will be retweeted and @-mentions will be retweeted as well.

Btw. To those who have been in the dark, GMS experienced an epic hacking saga in the past month after several server checks. Check it out here:

Cheers guys,
And have a great Sunday.

PS: Today’s the last day for 1.5x EXP on MapleSEA at 3pm- 3:30pm, 4pm-4:30pm, 8:30pm-9pm and from 9:30pm to 10pm.


To all you Kirsten Stewart / Twilight fans



GMS: Big Bang Class Audition Trailers

I stumbled across these videos while watching the MapleSEA ripoff of the GMS Big Bang trailer. Look at the title of the MapleSEA Big Bang trailer. Epic. Noone on earth would have searched for it. I smell laziness.

These “trailers” were created by GMS and i found them to be pretty entertaining.

Have a go and enjoy! 😀


Wild Hunter

Battle Mage


Happy Halloween!




Its the time of the year again! Halloween!

Normally it’s not celebrated in Asian countries because its an European/American/South American/ Australian… well, basically non-Asian countries’ tradition.

Halloween this year falls on a Sunday.
So, it will be celebrated on the Friday or Saturday prior to this Sunday which is yesterday and TODAY!

I dont normally celebrate it either but this year, i am.

Click on ‘more’ to see what my costume will be tonight.

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