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[MSEA] Chaos Patch Preparation and Rumours Busted

#1. Get your MoN (Mark of Naricain) before Chaos Patch!

For the past 3 months, after Chaos Patch, GMS is unable to enter the Crimsonwood Keep PQ (CWKPQ) due to some bug not allowing them to enter the map. They are sent straight to Henesys for the first few weeks and then the door to enter CWKPQ was removed entirely.

So get your MoNs A.S.A.P. and pray that Asiasoft does not directly copy and paste the data from GMS with this bug included. But as Alilatias  has mentioned, since MSEA had an unnotified halt of ore drop in the whole server after the Lion Heart Castle patch which also happened in GMS, this CWKPQ bug is likely to occur in MSEA as well.

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[MSEA] Chaos Patch in October!

The Chaos Patch information was leaked a week ago and is said to be launched in October and November on GX. It will be divided into 3 patches spanning over two months of patches and updates. Here’s whats coming your way:

19 October 2011: Return of the Hero

Lots of classes are getting their skills re-balanced in this patch and the Hero class is getting the same treatment as well(maybe this is what the patch is named after). For those who have theorycrafted stats like defence, accuracy and avoidability, all of that will be revamped too. So it’s time to research on new calculations. Conclusively, this major re-balancing of skills and combat calculations can only mean one thing: They are setting the stage for PvP.

  • Dual Blades, Arans and Evans get new Skills replacing some old ones
  • Mechanics get a debuff in terms of % damage formulas
  • All adventurers get slight changes in skill % damages
  • Skill changes can be found here: KMS Chaos Patch Skills
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[Chaos] Jewels, Ores, Stimulators, Monster Crystals and Magic Powders

Hi guys. So i thought I’d post up whats worth keeping till after Chaos Patch (Which I predict will come in Nov or Dec)

Useful Etc.s after Chaos patch:

Mineral  Jewel  Crystal  Magic Powders

– Mineral, Jewel and Crystal ores/plates will still be useful
– Mineral, Jewel and Crystal which have been Enhanced (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced) will be useless after Chaos Patch
– Magic Powders will still be needed to forge most weapons

Etc.s which will no longer be useful after Chaos patch:

Stimulator  Monster Crystals

– Stimulators will no longer be allowed to be used to make equipments
– Monster Crystals be deemed useless as they are replaced by a new Etc. called Item Crystals which can be obtained by Disassembling equipments

In the Future (Chaos Patch):


Recipes will be needed to create/forge high leveled equipments (Level 100+) and Potions
– Magic Powder can be obtainable when smelting Plates or when Hunting Monsters
– “The only way you can get ores and crystals is through Mining” – Spadow
– Requirement to smelt plates is lower. Eg. 2 steel ores for 1 steel plate.
– It’s easier to obtain ores Post-Chaos

Regarding Skill Updates, Changes, Improvements or Nerfs of Jobs post Chaos, click HERE.

Suggestion: Sell it all now. Create your equipments now. 🙂


Credits to: HS for images

[MSEA] Channel Crashers

Yep. Channel crashers.


They go around MapleSEA crashing certain channels at their will. Its happening to Aquila and Delphinus/Eridanus (as far as i know). Since I’m playing Delphinus/Eridanus, here’s the deal. The channels 1 and 14 are off limits. Sometimes they change to other channels but these two channels are off limits (depending on the crasher) in Delphinus/Eridanus. It’s better if you don’t login into these two channels just to be safe. When this happens, the fm will move to CC2 (resourceful maplers) but once CC1 is clear and shops reopen at CC1, the crasher will decide to crash CC1 again.

(black screen)

What will happen? Your screen will turn black if you try to CC into CC1 and you will have to restart maple. As in click on the (X) close button and restart maplestory. How annoying is that? I wonder what the GMs are doing. I hope they find the culprit, exercise a better hack-guarding system and make sure this does not happen again.

Btw guys, here’s a tip. Make your reverse weapons / level 100 equipments before the Chaos patch. I heard recipes for high leveled equipments are not easy to find (at least for the first few weeks to a month) so you should make your weapons and equipments NOW. Yes, its expensive, but its an investment. Just think about it.

Also, the Chaos Patch would probably arrive in MSEA at the end of the year *CROSSES FINGERS*. I really can’t wait. The Big Bang Patch has rendered Dual Bladers rather obsolete and the avoid system is pretty messed up at the moment. That’s why you theifs are able to be damaged by a snail. Well, same goes to Pirates and Archers. Your avoid is pretty much almost useless thanks to the BBP.

Oh. And here’s what i’ve heard. When making an Ultimate Adventurer (Warrior) the HP compared to Normal Adventurers is 4,000 HP less at Max Level due to the 1st and 2nd job advancement HP & MP bonuses. UA’s skip their 1st and 2nd Job Advancements because when created they are readily at level 50.

This means that Ultimate Adventurer HP < Normal Adventurer HP– and i expect the same to all jobs regarding less HP.

 Also, Mystery Mastery Books have arrived in MSEA! I think people are obtaining it through the Peanut Machine. Huzzah! Chaos patch inching closer and closer!

PS: Check out the website about September events and the Everyday events part 1.
Be sure to talk to Cassandra! 


GMS: Chaos Patch Date Announced!

MapleStory ChaosChaosThe Big Bang came and we endured the brief return of the Black Mage. Then the Resistance came, heroes fought back and victories were won. We believed we were on the path to victory and declared a time of Jubilation!But the party’s over. Chaos is coming!Click on the timeline above for details!


Source: MapleStory Global

I’m going to assume that MSEA will get Chaos 6 months after GMS does which is in November. What do you think?