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Been busy with…

So I’ve been busy with..


Absolute Taste Event

Finally got my Legendary medal! Woohoo!

Been busy ranking up my Arcane Power too.


Yeah, I’m only at level 3. I kind of took a break from when this was released until now. Didn’t know how important it was. Whoops. Now, I’m doing the Dailies to get them power-ups!

I’m also still Daily Bossing. Since my damage isn’t that high… I’m only doing…


  • Zakum (Normal). (realised they buffed up Chaos Zakum. Wew. Haven’t yet solo’ed that)
  • Horned Tail (Normal & Chaos)
  • Magnus (Easy)
  • Hilla (Normal)
  • Pink Bean (Normal)
  • Root Abyss (Normal)


Mileage is good too! 😀 I’m on my way to some Storage Expansion slots or maybe I should get a pet. What do you think?



Trying to reach my personal 50 Medals goal. Then I’m going to aim for the stars, gonna try to hit 100 Medals!

Comment below to let me know what do YOU do on maple? 🙂




Happy 2012 the New Year!

~Welcome to my dead blog~

I’ve hit a rather big block of the writers block since the end of September. Or actually, a non-informed-non-specified hiatus from writing because I’ve no idea how to give the community a better approach to the game besides listing out the updates and etc. because you can find those on the main website and for KMS information, you can do so at other blogs.

Perhaps here, I’ll write stuff as the people for the people. So lets start it off with the cheap skillbooks debacle.

Yes. Thats right. Maple Warrior 30′s are out there in Delphinus/Eridanus/Izar (NOT sure of other servers) selling for less than 200m each before today’s server check. Apparently from rumours, the game patchers forgot to patch Channels 3 and 4 which led to some kindda loophole which allowed certain players who already know how to abuse the dupe system (duplicating an item tru certain means) and in this case, dupe the Mystery Mastery Books and thus the amount of skillbooks in D/E/I has increased substantially and the prices are also affordable for many people.

Good thing or Bad thing?

Good for the poor, Bad for the rich. The poor can now afford their skillbooks at a heavily discounted price where the rich who go for Boss runs are deemed obsolete because the skillbooks that they obtain from the Boss runs are so cheap, it may not be worth it at all.

Another item that has been duped is this:

The Rising Sun Equipment sets. The recipes. They are now abundant being sold by dupers -or as i’d like to call them, hackers, in the FM. They can only normally be obtained by opening the Mystery Recipe being sold for 10 Gallant Emblems in the Battle Square.  Maple going down? 🙂

Let’s see, what other updates are there… Ah yes. The Dragon Chairs.

Simply talk to Kinokonoko at the Mushroom Shrine and donate mesos to her to recieve multi-coloured pouches!


It’s said that the red ones are the ones that you’re aiming for which is when you donate about 40,000,001 mesos to her and your chances or recieving a Dragon Chair is well off. But to me, i think its random. The number of mesos people in MSEA are trying out mostly are:

10,000,001 meso
40,000,001 meso 

Good luck to you all! I might just be donating some myself.  (or buy at the FM which are now less than 200m each sold by individuals)

Happy New Year everyone. And HAIL THE YEAR OF THE DRAGON!

Cute and happy Chinese dragon Royalty Free Stock Vector Art Illustration