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ASGF 2011 (Malaysia)!


Date : 25th to 26th June 2011
Time : 11am to 9pm
Venue : Concourse Area, Fahrenheit 88 Kuala Lumpur

I wonder if i should go this weekend for the event. I’m gonna be super busy on both days and i’m wondering if i should make my way all the way to Fahrenheit 88, KL.

There are however a couple of things making me want to drop by:

The Dual Blade PPC Bundle is tempting for me. I love Dual Blades, and so this would be added into my collection of PPCs since the designs of the current PPCs now are ugly. Weather patterned.

Another reason i would go for the ASGF 2011 is because of the 6th Year Anniversary Set. Every year before this, I’ve went to the event and got the sets if there were any. This year however, i’m contemplating on whether to go coz its right smack in KL and i’ll be driving there.

Plus, on the 2nd day, which is on the 26th of June, i’m entering the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011 which is in the morning and i’ll probably be super tired after that. We shall see, eh?

Check this out:

I wonder why AS depicted the Maple Administrator being attacked by the Mechanic in 2 out of the 3 captions above. ^
I might just go there to test out the Mechanic (coz i’m a legit player. no private servers or international servers) but i’m sure there’s gonna be a queue of kids lining up.

Anyway, be sure to check and see if your active character got the  MapleSEA 6th Anniversary Giveaway Package by entering the Cash Shop and get 8 notifications once you enter the Cash Shop.

Only 66% of players in MSEA will get it.


Be warned that there is a bug for Dual Bladers who collect the items but did not take them out of the wardrobe. The items will disappear if you leave the items in the wardrobe (only applies to Dual Blade).

Enjoy the rest of the week.
I’m going to sleep off the fun i had last night. 🙂



Hi5 Treasure Hunt Event

The Hi5 Treasure Hunt Event is available when you talk to NPC Joyce. She will transfer you to an event map where you hit little green boxes in order to obtain items.
You may climb up ropes or hit boxes to enter hidden maps.
The time limit for the event is 10 minutes and is repeatable once you exit the event map. Just return to Joyce.

Scrolls that you should watch out for:

which drop (or pop-out) from the boxes as well as potions such as Elixir, White Potions and Return to Town Scrolls.

Also you will have to look out for a Hi5 Treasure map. You may only hold ONE Hi5 Treasure map at any give time.

After you have recieved the Hi5 Treasure Map, talk to the other NPC called Vikin (i think) and he’ll reward you with a random gift in exchange for the treasure map.

What i got was:

You might recieve various MapleSEA Anniverary cakes but who knows, if you’re lucky, you might just recieve a 5th Maple Anniversary Chair. It is however unfortunately untradable.
Hint: For a better chance at obtaining Hi5 Treasure Maps, enter hidden maps especially the ones with the mushroom houses. At the first map, climb to the 2nd portal on top. Enter and search for boxes which take you to hidden maps.

PS: Apparently there’s a bug when you want to sell things through the MTS. When you place your item for sale, you will disconnect and when you check back the MTS, your item will be gone. This however does not apply to everyone.

MapleSEA Patch Version 093 – Evan and 5th Anniversary

Here comes Evan!

Tomorrow will be the big patch everyone has been waiting for. Patch Version 093. 🙂 They claimed that the patch will begin at 9:00am and end at 2:00pm.

In brief, it includes (obviously) the launch of Evan as well as MapleSEA’s 5th Anniversary.

Events such a:
Growing the Maple Tree

Attack of the Cake Event

OOPS. Gotta go play badminton. Will edit and update later. 🙂
Alright. Back to business.

Also, there will be a chance for you to own a MapleStory 5th Anniversary Chair.

Patch version 093 also includes past events such as Gold/Silver Box Events, Gachapon Stamp Event, Maple Weapon Drop Event as well as Exchange for them from Maple Admin, Everyday Evan Event and the Top 5 Evan Class Event (both similar to Aran) and much more.

And best of all..

2X EXP Events. 😀 From 28th May 2010 till 30th June 2010.

For the complete and long-winded patch notes as well as more detailed details, click HERE.