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Nisrockk: Website Updates

What do you do during a weekly maintenance? You work on your blog.

As promised these have been renewed and updated:

Also added a Calendar to the sidebar for ease of scrolling through older posts by month.



I would also like to take this opportunity to…

Hello! *waves*

You guys have made my blog hit 180,000 visitors! Woohoo!

I will try to keep up my writings with the going around and abouts of MapleSEA. Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated.

Also if you’re in Aquila, you can just add me (TataQueen) as your Buddy and have a chat, just train or adventure around Maplestory together. 🙂

That’s it for now.



Highest Page Views since May 2010

I’d like to Welcome everyone to my Blog, keeping you updated on the news which matter and suppling you with information most sought out in MapleStory plus answering any of your querries, doing the research so that you dont have to!

My blog has hit 558 Page Views on the 18th of June 2011 and i’d like to welcome everyone here today. The last time my blog had 500 views and above was in May 2011 and back in 2010, i had over 1,200 page views per day.

The reason why i’m so pumped about this is because i did quit maple for almost a year back in 2009/2010 and had lost a majority of my readers but now that i’m back and now that you’re here, i will continue to serve you the best that i can. I thought that losing my readers would make my blog obsolete but i’ll try my best to cater to your needs.

Please comment on any of my posts if you need information on speciffic things (dont be shy). Or e-mail me at nisrockk@gmail.com. I will reply any and all comments posted by anyone.

I’m still unsure which direction my blog should take but with your comments and support, perhaps we’ll find that out together.

Enjoy your stay here.