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Been busy with…

So I’ve been busy with..


Absolute Taste Event

Finally got my Legendary medal! Woohoo!

Been busy ranking up my Arcane Power too.


Yeah, I’m only at level 3. I kind of took a break from when this was released until now. Didn’t know how important it was. Whoops. Now, I’m doing the Dailies to get them power-ups!

I’m also still Daily Bossing. Since my damage isn’t that high… I’m only doing…


  • Zakum (Normal). (realised they buffed up Chaos Zakum. Wew. Haven’t yet solo’ed that)
  • Horned Tail (Normal & Chaos)
  • Magnus (Easy)
  • Hilla (Normal)
  • Pink Bean (Normal)
  • Root Abyss (Normal)


Mileage is good too! 😀 I’m on my way to some Storage Expansion slots or maybe I should get a pet. What do you think?



Trying to reach my personal 50 Medals goal. Then I’m going to aim for the stars, gonna try to hit 100 Medals!

Comment below to let me know what do YOU do on maple? 🙂




Empress Cygnus

So.. I’ve been away for exactly 3 months and I’m back for a bit. 🙂
I got a comment about 13 days ago regarding the Empress Cygnus and how to survive it.
Random 😀 Mar 30, 1:04 pm

What about Empress Cygnus? :D

Viking2000 May 10, 5:44 am

Dont know about the touch damage but the empress does about 51,000 via reflect. It would have been nice had Nexon allowed players getting killed to get back into the battle without the use of Wheels. Empress owns the best players with the Godliest possible HPs possible (99999 HP) So well go by whatever you can afford and use skillwork, 99999 HP is about 3 times more expensive to get since Nexon nerfed MP gained from Int at level ups except for mage classes. Your only hope is to double wash (Requires 190 Int with gears + stats) or triple wash (Requires 380 int with gears + stats)

I personally have not experienced fighting the Empress hence i didn’t put it in.

However, i heard that the damage reflect is almost imposssible to predict but the damage Hawkeye (the minion) would deal would be about 20k damage so having HP at 25k (with buffs?) would be ideal to going to fight the Empress. (and a ton of wheels)

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HP required to tank Bosses

I’ve compiled a short list of bosses which people regularly attend/kill in Maplestory. Took me almost 5 hours to research, type it up, link, double confirm and etc. and i have a massive sore throat. :/  I hope you guys find this useful. 🙂

The information is based on Post-BB damages.

Click HERE to read about it.


Your feedback is greatly appreciated 🙂