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MSEA: Patch V1.01 Hooray!

It’s finally here. After a month since the V1.00 patch (otherwise known as the filler patch), V1.01 is here with huge and exciting events!

Let’s kick it off with the essentials.

Hob King Party Quest!


The Resurrection of the Rex, the Hoblin King!

Rex, an ancient Hoblin King once that terror the Maple World, was sealed away in an icy tomb with the combined force of heroic maplers of the past in El Nath.
Rumor has it that the seal holding him is weakening, and it;s up to YOU, the brave one to stop him from being freed to terrorize our dear Maple World again!

Participate in this fun and rewarding party quest with an interesting storyline!

Look for Shammo in El Nath now!

Party Quest Requirements
• Level 75 or above to participate for this party quest.
• Must be in a party of 3 to 6.
• Party leader must completed Shammos’ prerequisite quests before they are allowed to start party quest.

List of Prerequisite Quests
Shammos’s Awakening (Level 60 and above)
Remnants of Memory (Level 60 and above)
Shammos’s Regained Memory (Level 65 and above)
Hoblin King (Level 65 and above)
Recollection (Level 65 and above)
Ominous Sign (Level 70 and above)
Confirming the Seal (Level 70 and above)
Sign of the Resurrection (Level 75 and above)
Robeira’s Proposal (Level 75 and above)

Bonus and Optional Quests
Evidence of the Seal (Level 75 and above)
Preparing for the Extreme (Level 75 and above)
Supplying Leather Clothes (Level 75 and above)
Hoblin Weapon (Level 75 and above)
Secret to Improving Concentration (Level 75 and above)
Arec’s Lost Dagger (Level 75 and above)

What are the possible rewards if I stop the resurrection of the Hoblin King?


You might be able to get a permanent Hyena Mount or one of Rex’s treasured earrings!

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Hi5 Treasure Hunt Event

The Hi5 Treasure Hunt Event is available when you talk to NPC Joyce. She will transfer you to an event map where you hit little green boxes in order to obtain items.
You may climb up ropes or hit boxes to enter hidden maps.
The time limit for the event is 10 minutes and is repeatable once you exit the event map. Just return to Joyce.

Scrolls that you should watch out for:

which drop (or pop-out) from the boxes as well as potions such as Elixir, White Potions and Return to Town Scrolls.

Also you will have to look out for a Hi5 Treasure map. You may only hold ONE Hi5 Treasure map at any give time.

After you have recieved the Hi5 Treasure Map, talk to the other NPC called Vikin (i think) and he’ll reward you with a random gift in exchange for the treasure map.

What i got was:

You might recieve various MapleSEA Anniverary cakes but who knows, if you’re lucky, you might just recieve a 5th Maple Anniversary Chair. It is however unfortunately untradable.
Hint: For a better chance at obtaining Hi5 Treasure Maps, enter hidden maps especially the ones with the mushroom houses. At the first map, climb to the 2nd portal on top. Enter and search for boxes which take you to hidden maps.

PS: Apparently there’s a bug when you want to sell things through the MTS. When you place your item for sale, you will disconnect and when you check back the MTS, your item will be gone. This however does not apply to everyone.

Onyx Dragon Footprint and Evan

Today is the 30th Birthday of Pacman. Now i know most of you remember this classic game along with games such as Tetris and the more advanced Super Mario Bros. Let us marvel at how much gaming has evolved today. 😀

Back on track..

The 4th Quest from Cassandra, Searching for Remnants of the Dragon Master 4 requires you to find an Onyx Dragon Footprint.

Again, this Quest Item is easily found from any monster.
Make sure you take note that monsters from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Time Temple will not drop it.

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