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MSEA: UGDGlyptic BBP and SP Resets

Full SP Resets will have high chances of being given through the Hot Time event such as in ThaiMS.

Here’s the SS and conversation with UGDGlyptic:



Hopefully they’ll give out the Full SP Resets though the Cash Shop such as the Free Gachapon Ticket event which we all received last month.

T-Minus 6 hours till the BBP Patch starts at 7:00AM which is said to end at 5:00PM (+8GMT) on the 18th of May 2011.
Let’s all try to be patient and do something productive while we wait, eh?




To be or NOT to be

Shall i return to blogging about MapleStory and MapleSEA?

I heard about this new gachapon item called “The Peanut Machine” and “Pam’s Song”.

The Peanut Machine looks interesting but the odds of obtaining a useful scroll or item is exactly like gachapon, dont you think so?

Pam’s Song on the other hand looks pretty useful. It allows you to make a perfect weapon/equipment given that you have that amount of @cash on you. When having Pam’s song in your inventory, and when you fail a scroll, Pam’s song will give you the option of regaining the lost slot.

Eg. You failed in scrolling a 60% Dagger for Att on a 7 slot dagger (you have 6 slots left).

Pam’s song will pop up and ask you if you want to “turn back time as if nothing had happened”. If you click “OK”, your dagger slot remaining will return to 7 slots available.

Price: 36,000 @cash
(Source:  AsiasoftSEA)

I suppose the saying is indeed true. If you have the means (a.k.a. money $$), you can be “Godly” in MapleStory.

We’ll see if i’ll return to blogging, depending on the poll result and the unforseeable future. Been busy with life lately. 🙂 If i do however return, i have a lot to update about eh?



Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims and Happy Hungry Ghost Festival to the Taoists.

Glitched Equipments Addressed & New Cash Shop Items

Glitch found with Vicious Hammer and Duey

Asiasoft Team has heard our calls and they have come to deliver.

In the proposed server check and cash shop update at 9am on the 19th of May,  items which have been glitched by maplers by taking advantage of the Vicious Hammer bug will be removed and their accounts temporarily suspended.

Cash Shop Update includes:

• [Hat] Desert Fox image
• [Hat] Wolf Mask with scratch image
• [Top] Lamb’s Wool Shirt image
• [Weapon] Soul of Cat image
• [Package] Helicopter Package image

I might be  buying myself a wolf mask. Depending on its price of course. 😉

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