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MSEA: Maple Rainbow Challenge!


Rainbow Event

From today (11th Oct) till the 17th of Oct, thats 7 days, you can choose to complete this event!It rewards you with TWO new titles!


First title: 

Challenge! Maple Rainbow!

Rainbow title 1 month


Complete 35 Rainbow Challenges. You can do a maximum of 7 times on weekdays and 14 times on weekends.

It expires. It expires on the 1st of November 2017.

Smiling me

I just got mine today. 🙂 (15th October 2017)

Its pretty sweet though:

  • All Stat +50
  • ATT / MATT + 20
  • Boss Damage + 30%
  • Ignore DEF + 30%
  • Max HP/MP +2,000

2nd Title:

Maple Navigation



This is obtainable by completing 10 “Challenge! Help Ribbon Pig Find Its Home!”.

Now, the quest will give you a small picture of where the pig’s home may be located.

From the clue, you have to figure out where in Maplestory is its home.

Clue 4.2

Here are some of the locations with clues:
(will be updating more daily)

(Click thumbnails to enlarge)

Stay tuned!

Oh, there’s already a few screenshots here from the world wide web (or here). Some of the locations, I’ve not been lucked to find them. Hence, I found it for you. No worries. 😉


There is a list of Challenges for you to choose from.


Other than the Ribbon Pig Home quest, the rest of the Challenges are pretty straightforward.


Rewards are pretty sweet too:

  • 50 Mileage
  • Rainbow Power Buff (30 ATT/MATT, 15% Critical Rate for 15 minutes)
  • Loot Fountain (Increases item drop rate by 30% for 20 minutes)
  • Fatigue Recovery Potion (Recovers profession skill fatigue by 70)
  • Enhanced Rainbow Buff (20% Boss Damage, 20% Ignore Monster Def for 15 minutes)
  • Meso Drop x2 Coupon (15 minutes)
  • 2x EXP Coupon (15 minutes)


Personally, I’m going Mileage all the way. Gonna get my storage expansions. 😀 You can never have enough!



MSEA: Bing Monkey!

Finally! MSEA has its first pet which can Auto-Buff players! Its called the Bing Monkey. It looks like a monkey in an astronaut/diving suit. It looks weird. It can equip what is called an Oxygen tank (that pink thing behind it) and it costs a whopping 38,000 @cash! Wow.

I would get one but i have a DB, DK and BM. I’m not sure what i’ll auto-buff with. Maybe for my DB, i’ll auto-buff haste because its annoying when Night Lords or Shadowers use their Haste which cancels out my DB’s personal haste.

Fun fact: Being sealed doesn’t affect auto-buffs.

Bing Monkey is kind of cute i guess. At least its not as ugly as some pets.

Other than that, theres a sale in the cash shop which allows people to purchase certain Cash Shop Clothing at 1,000 @cash which the item lasts for 45 days. Check it out! Not a bad deal, i must say. I might just grab something this weekend! 😀

• [ETC] 20% Up EXP Coupon (1Day) image
• [ETC] 20% Up EXP Coupon (14-18) image
• [ETC] 20% Up EXP Coupon (18-22) image
• [ETC] 20% Up EXP Coupon (22-02) image

Also, 20% EXP Coupons with designated time slots have been introduced at 5,000 @Cash each.

To buy the Bing Monkey or not to buy the Bing Monkey. Though, what skill needs Auto-Buffing, eh? Good timing too since my pet just turned back into a doll today.