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Nisrockk: Website Updates

What do you do during a weekly maintenance? You work on your blog.

As promised these have been renewed and updated:

Also added a Calendar to the sidebar for ease of scrolling through older posts by month.



I would also like to take this opportunity to…

Hello! *waves*

You guys have made my blog hit 180,000 visitors! Woohoo!

I will try to keep up my writings with the going around and abouts of MapleSEA. Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated.

Also if you’re in Aquila, you can just add me (TataQueen) as your Buddy and have a chat, just train or adventure around Maplestory together. 🙂

That’s it for now.



Empress Cygnus

So.. I’ve been away for exactly 3 months and I’m back for a bit. 🙂
I got a comment about 13 days ago regarding the Empress Cygnus and how to survive it.
Random 😀 Mar 30, 1:04 pm

What about Empress Cygnus? :D

Viking2000 May 10, 5:44 am

Dont know about the touch damage but the empress does about 51,000 via reflect. It would have been nice had Nexon allowed players getting killed to get back into the battle without the use of Wheels. Empress owns the best players with the Godliest possible HPs possible (99999 HP) So well go by whatever you can afford and use skillwork, 99999 HP is about 3 times more expensive to get since Nexon nerfed MP gained from Int at level ups except for mage classes. Your only hope is to double wash (Requires 190 Int with gears + stats) or triple wash (Requires 380 int with gears + stats)

I personally have not experienced fighting the Empress hence i didn’t put it in.

However, i heard that the damage reflect is almost imposssible to predict but the damage Hawkeye (the minion) would deal would be about 20k damage so having HP at 25k (with buffs?) would be ideal to going to fight the Empress. (and a ton of wheels)

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[KMS] Level 200 Demon Slayer beats Cygnus Minions

I was just browsing the net while MSEA SG Gateway extends its Server Check yet again and …i guess this guy only defeated Cygnus minions because maybe Cygnus Empress in KMS is ALSO buggy. 😀

Remember. These minions have 50% and 60% PDR (Physical Defence Rate). So… figure out how much this Demon Slayer actually does. 😉 And i think somewhere in the video he shows his Attack Range which is about 200,000+.

PS: This was Pre-Justice (Pre-Nerf of Mercedes, Cannon Shooter & Demon Slayers)